An Ultimate Pregnancy Skin Care Guide

Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman.

Absolutely happy, but every future mother experiences a series of changes in her body. It is right to talk about it and use the opportunities to facilitate some processes, including proper skin care during pregnancy. This is what you learn more about today.

During pregnancy, the parents-to-be are on cloud nine and they think about how they can make the life of their upcoming child wonderful. They start designing the nursery and buying baby gear. But the expectant mother also needs to take care of not only her baby but also her health including. 

Don’t get all worried. The good news is that “pregnancy glow” is real. Some might experience a brilliant skin glow during the pregnancy period but others might face several problems.

Many might have to deal with adult acne or have a heightened sensitivity or a pregnancy mask of pigmentation. Most of the mom-to-be will have to deal with their skin because it starts to act up.

Every future mother should understand that the skincare routine during pregnancy needs to be different than the normal skincare routine and thus they need to use different skincare products during pregnancy.

The Good Things to Expect During Pregnancy

The pregnant women will experience the pregnancy glow. There is a reason behind that. This is because the body of the mother is working hard to provide the proper amount of nutrients to the baby.

The provided nutrients go through a process known as neovascularization. This is the place where the new blood vessels develop and carry the nutrients. This helps in creating more vessels in your body and as a result, the skin looks better and brighter.

The Bad Things to Expect During Pregnancy

The bad news is that the pregnancy glow does not last during the whole period of pregnancy. It is an unnecessary generalization.

Different women have different skin types and therefore experience different problems. As time progresses, the future mom experiences hormonal changes.

One of the most common things that pregnant women can face is hormonal acne. Many may also develop skin hyperpigmentation, or melisma due to light or UV radiations or hormones.

Also, future moms should be careful and notice that there is no change in existing moles or appearing new moles. They should not grow suddenly during this period because it may be an indication of skin cancer.

The Problems:

  1. The mask of pregnancy: The mother-to-be might develop sensitivity towards sunlight and can experience hormonal issues that stimulate pigmentation and may cause the development of melisma. While facing melisma one may notice large patches of discoloration that appear in the face. This often fades after pregnancy and is most of the time genetic. But, sometimes melisma triggered during pregnancy can become a serious skincare condition.
  2. Hormonal acne: With the increase in hormones and oil secretion, women experience hormonal acne during pregnancy. Even those who have dry skin on their face have an increase in oil secretion and eventually develop acne for the first time.
  3. Heightened sensitivity: Another problem that a woman experiences during pregnancy is their skin becoming more sensitive. They may not only get sensitive towards the sun but also may develop sensitivity towards certain skincare products that were previously a part of their natural skincare routine.
  4. Increased redness: The volume of blood gets doubled in your body during pregnancy. This can often lead to a redness which was previously the healthy glow. The tiny blood vessels present in the face get affected by the extra amount of blood in the body and as a result, it increases the redness in the face. If a woman is a sufferer of rosacea, then the condition can exasperate due to the increased sensitivity and heat.
  5. Drier skin: While some of the women have increased secretion of oil in their face, others may have to go through an experience of dry skin. The reason behind this can be because the baby gets all the hydration before the mother.

Skincare Products to Ditch during Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, it becomes important to come up with a fresh skincare routine as the existing one will not be of any help.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, it becomes very likely that anything put on the skin will get absorbed in the blood.

The three main ingredients that a woman must avoid as a part of their pregnancy skincare routine are retinol, hydroquinone, and salicylic acid.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin-A which boosts the turnover of cells. Certain forms of retinol have been associated with birth defects. Most retinol is okay for use but it is better to avoid using these products during pregnancy.

Similar effects can be found with hydroquinone, which is often present in products that are used to brighten dark spots. Salicylic acid is also something that needs to be avoided during pregnancy. Salicylic acid is commonly used to fight acne problems. A huge amount of salicylic acid can cause salicylism and harm the baby.

What Skincare Products to Use during Pregnancy 

Most of the items that are advised not to use during pregnancy are pretty much the pillars of skincare products. So, there needs to be a solution for products that can be used during the months of pregnancy.

Glycolic acid is considered safe to use in lower concentrations during pregnancy. It helps in three things during the time: exfoliates the skin and makes it look dewier, unclogs the pores and helps in minimizing acne problems, as well as decreases pigmentation for even skin.

Another thing that pregnant women can do is make their own organic skincare products with the items available in their houses.

Pregnancy is one of the happiest times experienced by a woman and they love to be in their best form during the time. So, it becomes very important that they are equipped with the best skincare routine. Do you have some useful advice about skincare during pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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