Are You Ready With Your Pregnancy Checklist?

Pregnancy is the most amazing experience for new parents. While the would-be mommy feels the new life inside her, the would-be daddy visualizes holding the little one in his arms.

Apart from the emotional aspects of becoming parents in the near future, there are some significant decisions that you have to make during these nine months. And there is so much else that you need to do for ensuring the health and well-being of the mother and the baby.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to forget anything, so having a pregnancy checklist makes sense. Here is all that you should check through the special time that leads you to parenthood. –

Choose a gynecologist you can trust

As soon as you test positive, you should go ahead and choose a healthcare provider you can trust. Bear in mind factors such as proximity to your home, the hospital they deliver at, insurance coverage and their reputation while selecting someone you can trust.

Since this is the person who will help you bring your baby into the world, you should also have a comfort level with them. 

Be regular with your appointments, medicines and tests

Whether it is your first pregnancy or a subsequent one, you need to be extra careful about your health. Be regular with your appointments with the gynecologist through the nine months.

Don’t miss on your vitamins and tests because they can make all the difference to the baby’s health. Pay attention to the doctor’s advice and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Most importantly, listen to your body and see your doctor when you feel that something is amiss. 

Decide whether you want to bank your cord blood

Banking your cord blood is like taking biological insurance for your child’s health. You may have questions like Why do people bank cord blood, how it is done, how much it would cost and more.

Talk to an expert and decide whether you would want to do it. Cord blood banking is something that many couples are opting for these days because it can later be used for stem cell therapy if the child has serious diseases such as cancer, aplastic anemia or a genetic disorder. It can even be used for treating a sibling, parent or relatives who match.

Prepare for the labor

Once you are in your third trimester, it is time to get set by preparing for the labor. You may join a preparatory class with your partner or meditate at home to drive away stress.

Apart from preparing your body for the delivery, you must also prepare your home and finances for welcoming the new member. Get a nursery ready and have enough cash for emergency expenses.

Have your insurance sorted out as well and discuss your maternity and paternity leaves at the workplace. Don’t forget to pack your hospital bag a few weeks prior to the due date.

This checklist can be of great help for the first-time parents as well as those who have experienced the bliss before. So get this checklist ready right from the day you have the good news! 

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