Practical Parenting – 6 Tips for Adjusting to Life with a Baby

As most new parents know, living with a baby requires a lot of adjustment on your part. Your favorite jeans? They probably won’t fit for a while. Date nights? Forget about it. Vacations? Better reschedule. 

Considering all these changes, there must be a way to prepare yourself and adjust to life with your new bundle of joy. Here are our top tips. 

Ask Around

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other parents, especially about things like baby formula and baby accessories that’ll make your life easier. You can get a lot of great tips and tricks from the parents in your circle, and all you need to do is ask.

Accepting Help Is a Sign of Strength 

If you have the attitude that you can do everything all by yourself, then chances are you will barely manage. Not taking help from others will certainly weaken your ability to cope with the stress of a new baby. 

Many new mums think they will be looked down upon if they accept help from others, but this is not the case. Spending time with yourself and other adults can actually help you build your strength and get used to the idea of being a parent. 

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Do What You Enjoy 

Many new parents think that having a baby means giving up on all the things they enjoy. However, it’s actually easier than you think to make time for the activities you love. 

For instance, if you like having lunch with friends, you can always hire a nanny so you can go out and grab a light meal without the baby. Alternatively, you may wish to go out for coffee on your own and ask a loved one to look after your baby. 

Make Time to Sleep 

Sleep deprivation is an insidious problem for new parents. While this is understandable, it’s important to make a concerted effort to get quality sleep as much as you can. 

Many new mothers suffer from postnatal depression, and it can be exacerbated if they feel alone in their parenting journey. This isn’t just an issue for women either. Any parent can feel depressed if they feel like they are doing all the work.

This is why it’s important to share duties like waking up for the baby and working together to care for your newborn.

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Don’t Forget the Change Is Temporary

While those first few months of bonding time with your baby are incredibly important, keep in mind that routine and structure are essential after the first three months. In preparation for it, you can start by making lists or noting what the important things are that you will need to do. 

Also, make sure that you are giving enough time to other priorities beyond your baby. That way, it’ll be easier to get back into a routine when you have to return to work.

Plan Ahead

Unless you’re already the type of person who likes to plan their life down to the finest details, you’re probably not prepared for the level of planning that life with a new baby requires. 

Whether you want to schedule a spa appointment or get your nails done, you have to make sure there’s someone to look after your child. From prepping meals to having backup babysitters you know you can turn to, these plans will be foundational to your sanity as a new parent. 

While it is true that your life will never be the same again after you welcome a child into the world, you can make this change a positive and beautifully transformative one by preparing yourself in advance. 

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