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The Role of Plywood in Construction

As buildings are constructed, plywood is one of the most common types of building materials used. In almost any building constructed, plywood is used at some point, and there are various applications for it within the building during construction. Some are temporary, some are hidden, and some will be visible once the building is complete. Some of the ways plywood may be used during the construction of a building include the following. 

Uses of Plywood

Help Create Forms for Pouring Concrete

One way to use plywood that is temporary is as Plywood Forming. The plywood is glued or nailed into shape to create the form for pouring concrete. The concrete can be poured and, once dry, the plywood can be removed. This helps hold the right shape as the concrete is drying to avoid any issues with spreading or leaking somewhere it shouldn’t be and can be used in a variety of different ways during the construction of the building. 

As Sheathing for the Outside of Walls

The sheathing is often used for the exterior portion of the walls as well as the roof. The plywood, when used as sheathing, is nailed to the frame of the building. It can help support the exterior materials that will be used for the final look of the building or as a way to help stop the frame from shifting. The sheathing is not going to be visible once the exterior materials are installed, but it is a critical part of the construction of the building. 

Wood Paneling or Framing for Interior Walls

Inside, plywood can be attached to the framing to create the walls or support for the walls. When something heavy needs to be hung on the wall, plywood provides a solid surface to hold nails or screws between the studs. It also helps make sure the interior wall materials are installed smoothly and can provide the right support for those materials. This is another instance where the plywood is generally not seen once the construction is finished, but it is possible to leave it visible when desired. 

As the Flooring in a Building

Depending on the construction of the building, plywood can be used as the subfloor for the building. Due to its durability, it can provide the support needed for many different types of flooring. In most cases, the plywood will not be visible, as the flooring will be installed on top of it. However, it’s still a good option for the subflooring and because it is hidden, it’s not necessary to spend more on plywood that looks better. 

Other Uses

Depending on the building, there may be other uses for plywood, as well. Cabinets commonly used in kitchens or bathrooms can be made from plywood, as can many different types of furniture. If there are built-in shelves in the building, these can be made from plywood and then covered with another material, stained, or painted. Other areas during the construction, such as detached garages or sheds, may also use plywood. 

Plywood is essential for today’s buildings and is used in a variety of different ways. The above are just a few of the most common ways plywood can be used during the construction of a home or commercial building, and it may not even be something that can be seen once the construction has finished. 

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