7 Simple Steps to Plan Your Retirement Party

A retirement party is an once-in-a-lifetime event to celebrate accomplishments of the retiree.  No matter if you are the retiree or you are hosting for someone, you would like it to be perfect.

Here we have some helpful tips and ideas to plan an outstanding retirement party.

Checklist of Planning a Retirement Party:

1. Make a budget

Everything of the party depends on your budget, most importantly the scale. First of all, do some calculations on how much you are able to spend for it.

Then, think of how much it will cost per invitee. You will know the cost for retirement party invitation cards and food x number of your guests. Then the rest of the budget will be decorations, gifts and others.

 After you know the budget, the type of party, selected the venue and picked the date, you can start creating the guest list.

2. Choose the type and theme of party

Once you have a budget in mind, you can decide the scale of the party. It affects the type of the party.

Of course, the wish of the retiree is also one of the most important considerations when selecting a suitable theme and dress code. 

This is your last hurrah before settling into the retiree lifestyle, so you have every reason to turn your party into an unforgettable experience. If you want to do a fun theme, like a masquerade ball, a jazz-inspired shindig, or a period drama-style party, where you want everyone to dress up in costumes, then go for it. It’s your retirement party; you have the license to choose whatever theme you want. 

  – Corporate or private?

It you need the party to be corporate, you need a bigger budget since the number of guests must be more than a private one.

– Party Theme?

Once you consider the type of your party, you will know if the type of retirement party suits a fun theme. A Hawaii theme is probably not appropriate for a formal corporate retirement party. And perhaps the country club doesn’t want everyone dressing up as superheroes.

With no more daily work life, the retiree will be able to spend much more time to their favorite hobby. So if you are throwing a theme party, whatever it may be, it would be fun to use your hobby as a theme for the retirement party.

  – Party Dress code?

If you are hosting a retirement party with a fun theme, if course you will choose the appropriate dress code for the occasion. If you would just like the party to be simple or formal, here we have some common dress code for you:

The most common dress codes:
  • White tie – Women: floor-length formal gown and gloves; hair is typically worn in an up-do. Men: suit with a vest and white bow tie.
  • Black tie – Women: floor-length formal gown. Men: suit with a black bow tie.
  • Lounge suit – Women: formal gown. Men: suit with a tie.
  • Cocktail – Women: an above-the-knee hem is appropriate, or an evening pantsuit. Men: suit, tie optional. 
  • Color code – choose any color the retiree like

Remember to mention the dress code in the retirement party invitations. So, the guests will know what to wear.

3.Prepare for invitation

  – Guest List

 Whne you were planning your budget in the very beginning, you should have the rough idea of the guest list already. Now you can start creating the guest list name by name.

For Corporate / large party: invite extended family members, all co-workers in a small company from the office / direct co-workers in a larger company.

For Private party: depending on the size and budget, you invite immediate family, close friends and co-workers, who are all the important people in the retiree’s life (family, friends, close co-workers). 

– Nice invitation card

Once you have competed the guest list, preferably you should send the retirement party invitations 3-4 weeks before the party date. If you have planned a larger party, you may need to do it even earlier.

4. Decoration

The decoration will depend on your chosen party theme. Banners and balloons about the theme are the most easiest way.

On the other hand, as the most common decoration, it is nice to include photographs of the retiree to put a personal touch to the celebration. Photo Booth Hire Essex will be a good idea for your retirement party.

A retirement party is a celebration of both the retiree and their career. It is nice for party attendees to see pictures from each stage of the retiree’s professional and personal life. Let’s add in photos of the retiree’s important events both at work and at home, such as a memorable trip or the birth of a grandchild. 

However, if you are hosting for someone and are going to include photos from the retiree’s personal life, make sure that they are not embarrassing and don’t infringe the celebrant’s privacy.

5. Food

Food depends on how you need the party to be thrown. There can be many ideas no matter you need it to be just refreshments or proper meal.

If you have a budget, calling up a local catering company would be an easy way to get nice and decent food for your guests.

But it doesn’t have to be a grand affair that may cause a burden. If you just need refreshments, finger foods, sandwich or easy taco bar can be fun too. You can also consider asking the invitees to bring a dish to pass.

Also if you are good at cooking or baking, bringing your handmade dish or dessert would be nice for a special touch.

6. Plan for rundown and activities

Brainstorm fun retirement party ideas with your coworkers and friends to spice up the get-together. 

Bingo is something of the cliché game of retirement homes. Not only can it work as a joke with ridiculous squares like ‘drink prune juice,’ but the game itself is old-fashioned fun.

To make the party’s playlist even more of a hoot, you can turn it into a karaoke competition. 

7. Prepare the speeches or toast

As a host, doing a speech or toast at the beginning would be nice to start the party and let the guest know what to expect.

Also most retirement parties would include a speech by the retiree’s close family or friend who offers remarks that are both touching and humorous. They will share the story of the retiree’s career and include anecdotes that are illustrative of his or her character.

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