5 Tips To Plan For Women Travelling Solo in Japan

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The country offers a wide variety of unique experiences that is hard to find in other countries in the world. From their vibrant culture, ethnicity, and traditions to their way of living, there are multiple reasons why you must take a trip to Japan.

However, it may happen that when you are planning to travel, your friends are not having the same off days at work as you. Maybe you have been living in the country for several years and want to travel alone. Or maybe the idea of traveling solo fits your personality. Considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, Japan has been holding the rank among the top 10 Global Peace Index countries for the last decade.

Every year hundreds of women travel solo in Japan and explore caves, hiking and so on. However, it is indeed significant to be extra careful and safe while you are traveling alone. For example, struggling to find the right way to reach your destination, asking a random person to click decent photos of you enjoying, the list goes on and on. Solo travel in Japan for women is indeed a great experience, but bear in mind that unfortunate cases can happen.

No matter why solo travel for women in Japan is amazing and incredible. Hence, be wise to understand when you should stop or keep going. Nevertheless, here are our five vital tips you must follow while traveling solo in Japan 

Tip #1. Make A Wise Decision While Choosing Your Accommodation

While traveling, among all the itineraries, the first thing to plan, especially when traveling solo, is to choose a safe accommodation. We recommend you book your hotel at least for the first night before you arrive in Japan and get to the accommodation before dusk. 

To choose accommodation, always check whether the hotel’s location is safe to travel to and has a good security system.

So, it would be best if you tried to get accommodation closer to the city center. In this way, it is easier to avoid low-lit and traffic areas while returning after exploring the whole day. Plus, it helps you come back straight to the hotel after a long tiring day without much hassle.

There are multiple platforms available that you can use to find cheap accommodation. Also, Japan has so many private and female floors or only women accessible rooms in budget with extra security for comfort. Hence, that makes it so much fun and safe for women solo travelers in Japan.

Tip #2. Don’t Forget to Record Your Trip And Share Memories With Your Friends and Others Who Also Love Japan

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There are many famous public places, such as temples, and shrines in Japan that are worth visiting. If you are an adventure enthusiast, it is also recommended to go through the rural lanes. While traveling in and around public places, you would surely gather a lot of interesting travel experiences. Don’t you want to share with your friends and family or even someone who also loves Japan but they have never been there before?

Most people are sharing their exciting travel experiences on blogs or on social media. In fact, you can also try to share your photos on “Gather around! Japan lovers“. This platform is to connect all people in the world who also love traveling in Japan. Signing up for a free membership with only a few steps, and then you can easily share your photos and blogs anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, you can also check out other users’ blogs and photos and interact with them by leaving comments or giving a “heart”.

Although you travel alone, you will never feel lonely because Gather around! Japan lovers will connect you with others who also love Japan.

Tip #3. Join Some Local Tours

Well, sometimes you may feel lonely while traveling all by yourself without a companion. At that time, it is natural to long for a human connection. Often people traveling solo recall times when they felt vulnerable, anxious and lonely in a foreign nation. So, it is best when you get to meet locals and connect with people who match your vibration. It is like feeling peace at heart, especially if they speak the same language as you do.

Therefore, you can sign up for a short tour. It depends on you whether you want to take this tour before, after or in between traveling solo.

Tip #4. Learn Basic Japanese Words and Phrases

Though this is quite difficult to acquire a foreign language, especially when you are planning a trip for some days, but equally necessary, while traveling solo to this East Asian land, you should know that you will come across only a few locals who can speak in English.

This is why it becomes imperative to learn some basic Japanese phrases, words or questions to get a hassle-free expedition experience. So,it is time to learn Japanese terms and not depend entirely on translation apps before packing your bag.

Tip #5. Always Be Prepared For Unexpected Circumstances or Emergency

Emergency does not come you informed; it can happen anywhere and anytime. It may be critical while traveling alone in an unknown country. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find places that readily accept International credit cards. However, you should be extra careful to bring enough cash all the time while you are in Japan, as the nation is practically cash-based. As a result, the ATMs do not accept any international cards. Hence, make sure to carry enough cash along with credit cards for emergency use.

Plus, carry your passport everywhere you go as it can be helpful to survive in an emergency situation. If you have a residence card, bring that too. Make sure to keep emergency phone numbers ready such as your friends, family and embassy number, to contact when in trouble.

The list doesn’t end up here. Since almost all electronic devices run with a battery, it becomes essential to take a power bank and keep your devices fully charged. Your daily medications and some additional common medicines are also important to bring. Remember, mobility is pivotal for safe and successful travel, mainly for solo travellers. We recommend you to travel with carry-on luggage with wheels, a backpack, purse or a handbag. 


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When traveling alone in Japan, always remember to stay alert and plan the trip right. Needless to say, it is vital to carry out planning with utmost care. Make sure to carry all the travel essentials and prepare your itinerary well to stay away from disharmony. Having said that, we suggest you do not get to over plan, so these five tips will help you with your travel dates and keep you away from any pressure.

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  1. I do like solo travelling, but entering Japan is not so easy, I have a friend was refused to enter Tokyo although he has tourist visa

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