Top 5 Places To Visit When Exploring Mediterranean Coast

Vacationing in the Mediterranean calls for a detailed investigation of the best places to visit. With a myriad of fabulous destinations, sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to start from. It will take quite a while to explore most of the Mediterranean coast, but we can give you several ideas and make the decision a bit easier. Here are our top 5 Mediterranean destinations perfect for vacation.

5 Destinations n Mediterranean Coast You Should Visit

Kos, Greece

If you’re planning a Greek vacation, then you must visit Kos. Are you looking for a slightly more active vacation? In Kos, you can go windsurfing on the beach of Mastichari. Kos will be a perfect choice, even if your main goal is to unwind at a protected beach and soak up the sun. Don’t miss out on exploring the city of Kos itself and admire its historical monuments. One of the city’s main attractions is the Asklepieion, a former medical centre dedicated to the Greek god of health. 

Montenegrin Coast

Montenegro represents the perfect amalgamation of gorgeous mountain scenery and stunning beachside. The Bay of Kotor, for instance, will be the perfect Mediterranean destination for lovers of mountains and sea. Kotor has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 70s, featuring beaches on both sides of the bay. Add stunning mountain ranges to the mix, and you’ve got a holiday experience of a lifetime. Climb the fortified walls around Kotor to witness spectacular views of both the town and the bay. Stroll the streets to explore churches and a cathedral.  If you’d rather explore Montenegro on water, getting luxury long term rentals in the Tivat area of Montenegro will be the perfect way to start your sailing experience and make the most of your Montenegrin vacation. Visit Kotor, Perast, Igalo, and many other seaside cities that will leave you in awe of its beauty.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a crown jewel of the Croatian seaside. From having the old city as a UNESCO’s World Heritage site to being a prime hype of Game of Thrones fan base, this Croatian city will offer unmatched vacation vibes. Whether you enjoy exploring prime examples of Renaissance monuments such as palaces, plazas, towers, and fountains, or you’d prefer to sunbathe at one of Dubrovnik’s majestic beaches, this Croatian city will not disappoint either way. Ride the cable car up Mount Srd to witness some of the most iconic views. Visit the places where the scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed by going on an organized tour.


Are you looking for a vacation spot that you can explore with ease, not having to worry about missing out on anything? Malta is the perfect vacation spot in that case because it is an island with a surface area of just over one hundred and twenty square miles. Everything you’ll want to see and do on the island will be within relatively close proximity. For the ultimate beach resort experience with entertainment options, go to Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay or the town of Bugibba. Valletta, the 16th-century walled capital city, will be a delight for people looking to explore the arts and cultural scene of Malta. Chock full of museums, enormous churches, and public gardens, Valletta will not disappoint in any way. Take a ferry to visit Gozo – a Maltese island famous for its traditional lacemakers and wine. Check out the Blue Lagoon in Comino or plan a day trip to the Popeye Village, an old film set village now converted to a theme park. For Ibiza-style nightlife, Paceville in St Julian’s Bay on Malta’s north-east coast will be the best location.

Monaco, France

For a more upscale vacation, Monaco will be the best choice. Monaco’s most well-known Quartier is Monte Carlo. The glamorous city has a casino and luxury boutiques that attract the famous and rich. Enjoy panoramic views and decorative frescoes at the Palais du Prince, where many rooms are decorated in certain styles and are a definite must-see. Are you a fan of marine life? Then you must visit the Musée Oceanographique on the edge of the ocean, which stands on rocks. It features a dramatic architectural style, and it is well-known for its species of marine life. The Jardin Exotique Garden, the Observatory Cave, and the Les Jardins Saint-Martin are just some of the many attractions Monaco will offer. Craving a little bit of local experience? Head down to the Moneghetti District and marvel at its pathways and an outdoor performance at Fort Antoine.

Final thoughts

Visiting the Mediterranean will offer unforgettable memories. Regardless of the destination you choose, your holiday will be the one for the books. Check out some of our suggestions and start your dream vacation.

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