Pizza Delivery for Lunch – the Perfect Idea, Always

When you’re looking for a delivery lunch, isn’t pizza always the perfect idea? It’s delicious, easy to eat and share, and its variety of toppings and crusts suits almost anyone. It’s even better when you get it from Papa John’s, one of the best delivery services near you. With more than 5,000 locations worldwide, the global pizza sensation is on the cutting-edge of the industry. Here’s a little more about the company’s delivery services and its new, delicious specials.

Why Papa John’s Is One of the Best Pizza Delivery Services Near You

When you want pizza delivered for lunch, you want to make sure it’s convenient to order and delicious and hot when it arrives. Papa John’s understands your need for convenience. With thousands of locations worldwide, it’s easy for you to find your local restaurant when you search online for “best pizza delivery near me.” Not only that, but you can also order by mobile, text or web using Papa John’s app or website.

While ordering’s easy, you might have a little trouble deciding what to order, thanks to Papa John’s full menu. From classic pizzas like cheese or sausage and local flavors such as Hawaiian BBQ chicken to breadsticks, chicken wings, desserts and drinks, you have lots of choices.

In addition to easy, convenient ordering and a full menu, you can also take advantage of Papa John’s easy-to-use rewards point system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Order: With every order you make, you earn one reward point for every $1 spent.
  2. Earn: When you reach 75 points, you earn $10 Papa Dough.
  3. Apply: Apply your Papa Dough to your next delivery item.

With perks like these, you can see why Papa John’s is one of the best delivery services near you. Now that you’re “in the know,” why not apply your Papa Dough to one of Papa John’s new pizza specials?

Why These New Papa John’s Pizza Specials Are So Delicious

Papa John’s new and creative pizza specials are delicious because of their quality ingredients, such as fresh onions and peppers, real meats and cheeses, and sauce that’s freshly packed from vine to can in the same day. While Papa John’s menus, offers and pricing may vary from restaurant to restaurant, here are a couple of specials to get your taste buds going.

  • Family Special: Get one large specialty and one large two-topping pizza for the family. Will you choose the Meatball Pepperoni or the Zesty Italian Trio for your specialty? Which toppings will you choose for your large pizza? Fresh onions and roma tomatoes or mushrooms and olives?
  • Wing It Deal: Get one large one-topping pizza, wings and a 2-liter beverage. This option lets you choose your pizza base, cheese, meats and veggies. You can enjoy the 8-piece wings side in a variety of flavors, including honey chipotle, buffalo and garlic parmesan.

If these specials have sparked your appetite, order your pizza delivery lunch today! Quality food, ingredients and delivery services make pizza delivery for lunch the perfect idea, always.

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