5 Personalized Gift Ideas for the Missionary in Your Life

Whether you’re looking for something to give the missionary in your life as they jet off for their big adventure or you’re wanting something to include in a care package, personalized gifts are a great way to go. There’s just something about adding that personalized detail that makes them hold it a little closer to their heart. 

Check out our top five personalized gift ideas for the missionary life that they will use and want to hold onto for years to come!

Inspiring Gift Ideas

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1. Scriptures

While every mission’s packing list may vary a bit, one absolute must for every missionary is a good set of scriptures. If they’re serving in an area where they’ll be speaking another language, consider getting them scriptures a bit early so they can get a head start on practice. Seagull Book’s missionary gifts collection has tons of options to choose from for scriptures!

Top off this gift with a scripture case and some scripture marking pencils! Your missionary is sure to get some great use out of every part of this gift.

2. A Fresh Journal

Perhaps one of the most important times in your life to keep a consistent journal is when you’re on your mission. There are so many lessons learned in the little details as well as the big experiences, and recording everything is going to be a treasure for your missionary for years to come.

A personalized journal is a fantastic gift for a missionary. Along with their name, consider getting the name of their mission engraved on the journal, as well.

3. Accessories

The uniform of a missionary can get pretty mundane, so sending them some personalized accessories can add some much-needed variety to their wardrobe. 

For an elder, you can send a personalized tie clip or a keychain. For a sister, you could send a cute pin or bracelet. For either, consider putting their name, the mission they’re serving in, or both! It will be something they’ll want to wear every day.

4. Mission T-Shirt

A mission t-shirt is going to be the perfect thing for them to wear to bed and on p-days. Find a shirt that has the flag of the country they’re serving in and have it personalized to feature the name of their mission. It will be something that they wear proudly and often!

5. A Scrapbook

Looking for a good gift to give a missionary as they’re coming home? A missionary scrapbook could be the perfect thing! Gather together all of the photos that they’ve sent and print off the emails that they’ve sent you. Compile them all in a scrapbook and leave space for them to write about the photos. This is something that every missionary will be happy to have, but may not have the time to do when they get back.

Whatever you decide to get for the missionary in your life, getting something personalized is going to prove to be a gift that they can use and treasure for years.

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