Pedestrian Safety: 10 Key Points to Remember

According to the New York Times, 17 people and two cyclists are killed each day in pedestrian-related traffic accidents. It’s not hard to guess what’s been causing these accidents, what with distracted driving on the rise ever since introducing smartphones. You can find out more here about several other reasons for pedestrian accidents. In this article, we’ll review some tips to help prevent further loss of life and injury while crossing the street.

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Things You Need to Consider for Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Use The Cross Walk And Don’t Jaywalk

It might be tempting to jaywalk. No one’s coming. You can just cut across the street and get to your destination faster, but ask yourself this? Is it worth a broken leg or worse if you get hit by a car just to shave a few seconds off your commute?

Double, Triple, Quadruple Check Before Crossing

Even if you have the right away, it’s a good idea to double-check before placing your foot in that crosswalk. Why? Because cars are considerably faster than humans. You might think no one’s coming then, bam! They’re careening around the corner going mach six.

Do Not Try To Outrun The Pedestrian Green Light

Okay, we’ve all been there. Why wait for the next light when you can make a run for it? In today’s world, it’s all about time. Getting things done, completing tasks faster-; it’s all part of the game. But take some time, smell the roses, and for the love of all that is safe and sound, look both ways before crossing the street.

Always Cross The Street In Front Of Vehicle

Visibility is everything when it comes to walking, cycling, or motorcycling on a busy street. Crossing behind a vehicle is a bad idea for more than one reason. People sometimes back up first and look second. It’s especially dangerous because people cut closer to cars from behind as opposed to keeping their distance in the front.

Be Sure To Make Eye-Contact With Drivers

Never assume that drivers can see you. Pedestrians should always be on the defensive. A dent in a car is what a fractured skull is to a human.

Don’t Listen To Music Or Have The Volume On Low

People like to make their walks more enjoyable by listening to their favorite bop, but you need your sense of hearing to help you stay alert to dangers around you. Your ears are the eyes in the back of your head. Don’t put the blinders on by putting the volume on high.

Beware Of Curbs And Other Road Hazards

Look before you step. A lot of debris gets kicked up from the road. Crosswalks might have broken glass or pieces of sharp metal from car wrecks that weren’t properly cleaned up and cracked and uneven sidewalks present tripping hazards.

Wear Reflectors Or Lights When Walking At Night

If it’s dangerous to walk among traffic during the daylight hours, then imagine what it’s like when the sun pulls the horizon over its head. Increase your visibility by wearing reflective clothing.

Stay On The Sidewalk And Face Traffic

It’s always safer to walk on the sidewalk, but if that’s not possible then keep to the shoulder. Pay for an Uber if you can, but if there is no other way, then face traffic while walking.

Don’t Walk And Talk

Okay, so maybe talking is harmless, but being distracted is not. How many accidents have occurred because a cellphone has distracted a pedestrian or driver? Too many to count.

Takeaway Thoughts

Accidents are, by definition, unexpected, but what comes after doesn’t have to be. Take control of the situation and call a lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a pedestrian-related traffic accident. Remember, be aware of your surroundings, limit your distractions, and follow these ten tips to prevent what might be a life-changing incident.

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