Outdoor light fixtures for industrial spaces

Industries are high functioning areas reserved from public access mostly. They are built away from populated areas because the infrastructure requires a vast space to operate without any disruptions or causing any. One setup requires a huge piece of land which is befitting for several tasks being carried out under one roof. Therefore a lighting setup is the part of basic infrastructure which caters to both indoors and outdoors requirements. 

Why is exterior lighting essential? 

Exterior lighting or outdoor lighting refers to the lighting setup around any building. It is mainly done for security reasons but it aids with ambience as well as feasibility of employees. Outside an industrial setup exterior lighting helps with 
– Maneuvering the premises 
– Visibility at night time 
– Effective security 
– Sense of safety 


What are the exterior light fixtures for industries? 

Outdoor lighting generally follow two main fixtures: 

1. Flood lights

Flood lights are broad beamed daylight like light fixtures. These lights are for general lighting across any premises as they flood the area with bright light. A flood light fixture usually mounts on a pole and provides light on ground. These are quite diverse fixtures which can adapt to any outdoor lighting needs. The different kind of flood lights are: 

On the basis of bulbs: 

Traditionally HID or HPS lamps are used for bright and warm lighting across different areas. But now there are LED flood lights available in the market which are far more superior and have a better life expectancy. 

On the basis of mounting options: 

On the basis of mounting options these lights are:

Knuckle mount:

For smaller floodlights with a junction box that is smaller than average. It has a lot of space for wiring and supports smaller flood lights around garages or parking lots. 

U mount:

U mount flood light fixture is installable on any flat surface including grounds. They are adjustable and movable. 

Slip fitter: 

This is an adjustable mounting optio. A hollow end fits around the round pole and at the other end a flood light fixture fits. The usual diameter is around 2.5 m but it can vary based on the size of pole and fixture. 

There are many other mounting options which allow this fixture to be installed in technical spaces and provide high quality lighting. The flood lights vary in design shapes and finishes which can fit in any lighting layout. The functioning is impeccable and the options are limitless which you can check here

2. Wall packs 

Wall packs are smaller integrative compact light fixtures. These lights as their name suggests are installable on walls. The surrounding walls of any facility require a lot of lighting for both security and visibility and therefore different wall pack designs are available for different uses. 

These light fixtures are available in different cut off designs: 

Full cut off:

Full cutoff wall pack fixtures direct the light downwards.

Semi cut off: 

Semi cutoff wall packs have adjustable lighting spread and they provide light over the 3/4th zone of the area. 

Wall packs are also excellent security lights while their modern designs add a very ambient touch to the surroundings. These light fixtures are easily installable over entry ways around corridors, boundary walls, and blind corners of the building. 

They have excellent performance and can withstand the temperatures as well as climatic conditions. LED wall packs are referred to as a better alternative to HID or HPS wall packs due to their better function and lifespan. 

Advantages of using LED outdoor fixtures

There are several reasons why LEDs are the best choice of fixture for both indoors and outdoors. The manufacturer claims about LEDs have been quite successful and the several benefits which these fixtures provide are: 

1. Higher lumen output 

LEDs are brighter than average lamps. The amount of brightness is measured by lumens and an average LED fixture produces more lumens per watt. 

2. Uniform and directional light

LEDs provide uniform lighting which is bright but glare free. The beam angle is adjustable and provides directional lighting which is quite beneficial as no amount of light is wasted in the surroundings. 

3. Low energy consumption 

LEDs are designed specifically to lower energy costs and create a feasible ecosystem which promotes health. These lights operate on lower wattages and produce brighter light which means they reduce the overall amount of fixtures needed to illuminate a certain space. 

4. Low maintenance 

LED light fixtures are low maintenance which means they seldom are defective or require any replacement or management once after proper installation. They live up to their warranty period and have an average lifespan of 11 years. 

Outdoor lighting serves in many different ways and increases the appeal as well as security of the space. This lighting setup is for transportation, loading unloading and processing of materials. It can also be used for facade lighting or to light up any open area around the premises. These lights have photocells and motion sensors which are an excellent energy saving option that comes in handy when it comes to saving light and upgrading security. To pick the best product for your facility needs it is better to prepare a layout first with the help of a lighting contractor.

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