Best 5 Oils for Body Massage to Get Relaxed

Are your muscles feeling stressed? And Are you having a lot of body aches, especially in your back and shoulders? Then you might highly consider getting a body massage because it helps you get rid of all the knots and tensions accumulated in your muscles. And it is pervasive for people today to have multiple bodies aches because we always like to be on the go and are constantly doing something or the other.

Whether you are doing a labor-intensive job or just a desk job, you are bound to get exhausted and tired, leading to muscle tension. Body massage is a great way to relieve those muscle tension, backaches, shoulder knots, and much more.

The question arises, which is the best oil, which also has great benefits? And that is the question that we are going to answer today. In this article, we will look at the 5 best oils and their benefits for body massage, so without further ado, let’s see what we have got.


5 Best Massage Oil

1.  Virgin Coconut Oil

On the number one position, we have Virgin Coconut oil, while some may think it is a thick and greasy oil and hence may not be comfortable. But that’s not really the truth.

The Virgin Coconut oil is rather light and non-greasy and lets the hand of the person giving you the massage smoothly glide over your skin and release the tension and knots accumulated in your muscles.

 It also has multiple health benefits, mostly during body massage therapy, cold pressed virgin coconut oil is used, mostly because it is not slippery and it lets the therapist get deeper traction with short strokes to help with muscular problems like pain and muscle spasm and along with that it also helps to get rid of muscle inflammation. Along with that it also aids your olfactory senses and in turn, turns up your mood.

2.  Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is the most preferred and suggested oil to get massage therapy. As Ayurveda proves, it has multiple benefits like it helps relax and cure muscle pain and inflammation.

Along with that, it also nourishes your skin. And if you are often out and about in the sun, then there is definitely some harm caused by the sun’s UV rays, and the cold-pressed sesame oil massage helps you improve and eliminate those harms.

Since it is a light oil, it seeps through all the layers of your skin and rejuvenates and nourishes your skin, and you obtain a nice and healthy glow because of it and restores your muscle strength. Besides, it has a very fragrant smell, which in turn helps you uplift your overall mood.

3.  Argan Oil

Pure Argan oil is one of the most used massage oils in the spa, not only because of its benefits but also because it is a very light oil that helps the therapist glide their fingers on your skin and help you with your tense muscle.

Along with that, it has a great smell, so it not only aids your sore muscles but also helps you uplift your mood. And mood also plays an important role in a person’s health, as someone happy most of the time suffers from fewer health problems than those who are stressed most of the time.

Now coming to the health benefits of argan oil makes your skin smooth and soft and improves the elasticity of your skin, which basically means that it helps tighten your skin so that it does not show signs of aging and helps reduce sagging of the skin.

It also helps you get rid of muscle pain and tension and reduces joint pains, all the while helping your skin to look fresh and young.

4.  Olive Oil

Olive oil has a lot of usage and benefits; it uses in cooking and medicines. And It uses as an offering to deities according to some cultures, and at the same time, it widely uses to give massage therapy. It is mostly used in Swedish massage therapy because of its light and non-greasy texture, as it helps the therapist work with greater ease, especially on the required part of your body.

Because it is a lighter oil, it seeps through all the layers of your skin and helps your skin repair faster. It is also very beneficial for sports players because they often get injured, and the olive oil removes lactic acid from your body faster, which helps the injury to cure faster. Along with that,t it helps with releasing muscle fatigue and helps you get rid of muscle pains and knots.

5.  Jojoba Oil

Although Jojoba generally refers to as Jojoba oil, it is not really an oil; rather, it is a wax and extracts from the actual jojoba seeds. And just because it is a kind of wax, you may assume that it is rather thick and will close your skin’s pores, but that is not true.

The wax from the jojoba seeds is actually like oil, which is really light and fragrant and helps uplift mood. And because it comes from a plant with medicinal values, the jojoba oil also creates an anti-bacterial layer on your skin, which is really good for people who have eczema or dermatitis acne.

Even if you have susceptible skin, the Jojoba oil massage therapy is the best for you. And along with its antibacterial values and benefits, it also has anti-aging agents that help your skin look fresh and young for a long time and tighten your skin, which further helps keep your skin tight and noticeably reduces sagging.


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