Moving to a New Place? 7 Tips to Make It More Efficient

Almost everyone moves at some point in their lifetime. Some people, including those in the military, move many times during their lives. Fortunately, there are many tried-and-true tips to make a move more efficient. Keep reading for the top seven moving tips.

7 Efficient Moving Tips

1. Purge as Much as Possible

Instead of packing and unpacking all of their possessions, homeowners should go through their things meticulously and purge as much as possible. Consider a Discount Dumpster Rental for a week or longer to make throwing things away easier. Homeowners do not need to throw everything away, as many things can be sold online or donated to a charity. The key is to get rid of as much as possible so unneeded items do not need to pack or moved.

2. Plan and Pack in Advance

Homeowners should start packing long before the move happens. Begin by packing things that aren’t often used, such as old books, memorabilia, and off-season clothes. Homeowners can even pack many kitchen dishes and appliances and only leave out the things used daily.

3. Purchase Plenty of Equipment in Advance

Be sure to stock up on supplies before the actual moving day. Ensure plenty of boxes, box cutters, packing tape, permanent markers, garbage bags, and popcorn/bubble wrap. Consider renting moving tools from a moving company or rental store. Furniture dollies, tie-down straps, furniture pads, and rope are all convenient to have on hand for a move. 

4. Packing Tips

Choose the correct size of box for items. Light items, like towels and linens, can be put in larger boxes, while heavy items, like dishes, should be packed in smaller ones. Choosing the correct box helps with packing and keeps things from breaking. Fill in the gaps in boxes with towels or packing bubbles. Pack things from one room of the house in one box. Do not mix items. Unpacking will be quicker and more efficient.   

Label each box with the room that it should go in the new house. Consider numbering each box and keeping an inventory in a small notebook. Taking inventory makes it easier to keep track of where things are. Use packing tape to close the tops and bottoms of boxes, and then put a strip of tape around the box to ensure a safe seal.

5. Take Care Packing the Kitchen

Homeowners need to be especially careful when packing kitchen items. Put packing paper or newspaper between dishes, and wrap about five plates together with more paper. Place dishes on their sides in boxes, to keep them from breaking. Bowls and cups can be packed inside each other, with paper between them. For glasses, use specially designed boxes with cardboard dividers for glasses. Packing this way will keep the glasses from breaking.

6. Be Careful with the TV

Some TVs cannot lie flat and require wooden crates for shipping. Homeowners should double-box TVs by placing the box with the TV into another box padded with paper.  

7. Be Efficient with Wardrobes

If it doesn’t make the dresser too heavy, leave clothes in the drawers when moving! For moving hanging clothing, use a wardrobe box. Once moved into the new home, homeowners can quickly hang up clothes in their new closets.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. Follow these tips to make the process as efficient as possible.  

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