Meditation: Connect to the Purest Form of Being

What is Meditation?

The earliest evidence of meditation is concealed within the mist of antiquity. However, there is a wide belief that the concept of meditation dates back as far as 1500 BCE. 

The idea of this three-dimensional healing (Mind, Body, Spirit) emerged when masterminds and sages deeply attuned to the sacred nature of every entity noticed how life is fostered in every being and then implied those principles within.

As the practice of meditation varies between traditions and cultures, there are several types of meditation. But we know that each one has its own supreme benefits.

A meditator uses accredited mindfulness training or paying attention to a specific thing, notion, and the present moment. This technique is exceptionally effective if you suffer from involuntary debate and chattering mind or have had shifting emotions. 

Practitioners of meditation believe that they ultimately reach a state where they find themselves spiritually connected with the higher self. 


Advantages of Meditation:

Advantages of Meditation

When you decide to set aside time for meditation teacher training, you experience countless benefits of meditation.

 • Teaches you to slow down racing thoughts

• Trains the mind to let go of negativity

• Calms both your mind and body

• Promotes a judgment-free mindset

• Cures depression and anxiety

• Improves self-awareness

• Makes you emphatic towards other and yourself

Types of Meditation:

meditation for beginners

It is absolutely fine to blend different types of meditation according to your need. Here, we discuss the primary two ways of meditation that are further sub-divided.

1. Mindfulness Meditation

Do you often find yourself creating unnecessary concepts, labels, scenarios, judgments, or definitions? Does the on-going destructive criticism of mind disturb your peace? If so, then this type of Meditation is the salient solution to your every illusion.

It involves focusing on the present moment- letting go of past regrets and future worries. The main propose of the mindfulness meditation, is thus, to become fully aware of the present space-time, and acknowledge every thought and feeling that emerge at that point (while focusing on the breathing pattern), without the fear of getting exposed or judged by the mind.


2. Guided Meditation:

Do you find difficulty in practicing meditation by yourself? Do not worry; a meditation instructor can lead you through guided meditation in person or via audiovisual media. 

An instructor with a guided meditation certification helps you explore the complexity and intricacy of your mind by embarking useful meditation techniques. 

Guided meditation teaches you about what to do during meditation and how to keep your mind in a dynamic state. While a teacher guides you about how the guided meditation can be implemented into your daily routine.

Guided meditation itself holds many techniques such as guided imagery, music therapy, and meditative praxis. All these techniques provide physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You can develop coping skills, manage stress and anxiety, slow down irrational and negative thoughts, and improve the quality of life by practicing guided meditation.

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