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Simple and Effective Hacks to Manage Stress

When we consider how stressful the times we live in are, we’re actually doing well as a society. However, it doesn’t matter if we’re all in the same pot or not, stress is not good for the body or mind. It can not only ruin your mood but also cause serious health issues. So if you know that you’ve lost control over your stress levels, it’s time to check out these simple yet effective tips and tricks in stress management for your mental health:

How to Manage Your Stress

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Take a few deep breaths

This is probably the simplest yet most effective instant-help solution for stress. Taking a deep breath might just be the greatest ally in the fight against stress. Since stress is an emotional response that indicates an overload of senses, taking a deep breath will provide your brain with extra oxygen and allow you to get back control over your ability to process things. This will take your thoughts in the right direction and stop you from spiraling. 

Book a massage

When your mind is full of stress, it can quickly spread all over your body and cause a lot of tension in your muscles. When you feel a lot of stress in your body, getting a massage is a great solution. Its calming effects will help address the physical manifestations of stress but also relax your mind and provide you with clarity. It’s a perfect way to slow down, let your body relax and catch your breath. This physical touch of other people further helps with stress relief.


Prioritize sleep 

Did you know that modern people sleep less than 7 hours per night! Not even a century ago, this number was over 8. While you might think you can function on 6 hours of sleep, you really can’t, not in the long run. Sleep is a crucial part of healthy and stress-free living. When you notice your stress levels rising, make sure to work on fixing your sleep schedule and take sleep seriously. 


Reduce tobacco and caffeine intake

Both tobacco and caffeine are substances that are used all over the world for relaxation and stimulation. Many smokers automatically reach for a cigarette when they are stressed, but they might be causing a vicious cycle. When you don’t have access to tobacco, the addition is causing tremendous stress on your body and mind. So try to reduce stress by quitting traditional cigarettes and switching to electronic OZE vape pens which have the same effect without burning any tobacco. You’ll be healthier, smell better and look more stylish. On the other hand, caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you productive and alert, but too much of it can cause anxiety. If you start feeling jittery, reduce caffeine intake and switch to tea or water. 

Get a few laughs

The best way to fight stress is to remove things that make you stressed in the first place, but that’s often not possible. If you can’t avoid stress, you can at least banish it from your life for a short time by engaging in laughter therapy. Laughter has a variety of long- and short-term benefits on your mind, especially in the department of stress. It can relieve tension, alleviate pain, regulate your mood and provide you with a flood of fresh oxygen. So play your favorite sitcom or go see your friends for your daily fix of laughter. 

Get some exercise

While it might be hard to get up and set some time aside for exercising when you’re stress, but it will help with symptoms. No matter if you’re hitting the gym, hopping on your bike or taking a walk with your dog, exercise is an important tool in your toolbox for fighting stress. Since stress is not just a mental battle—it affects your body too—it’s great to pay extra attention to your physical help during stressful times. 

Stress is a modern issue that can cause a lot of pretty serious diseases. Also, it can ruin a pretty nice day or spoil things that you love or enjoy doing. So do your best to relieve stress with these aforementioned tips and tricks—you will feel happier, look better and enjoy a long and healthy life. 

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