10 Most Effective YOGA Poses To Help Burn Arm Fat

Nothing is so diminishing than having a flat tummy, slim waist, and toned thighs but still have got flabby arms. It simply means you’re not going to enjoy the warm weather with your sleeveless shirt as you had hoped. Flabby arms can occur because of various reasons, including low testosterone and natural changes during adulthood. As such it’s a condition that might be hard for you to control even after maintaining a good diet. 

Fat arms are usually common in women but at some point, it can also get men. This is so as men tend to do strenuous work and heavy lifting. In this article, we are going to show you the 10 best arm workouts for women that will help burn arms fat. This is an article about how to lose arm fat fast for females. We will focus on the ladies and the list of workouts will be involving yoga techniques. 

Compared to calisthenics, yoga is the best bodyweight exercise for girls as it’s a workout you can do alone with ease. Also, most ladies prefer remaining fit and toned but not muscular as their men. Calisthenics is much of a muscle-building and strength workout. 

best arm workouts for women

Do I Need To Focus On My Diet To Lose Arms Fat?

Sure you do! Your diet plays a very huge portion and it’s what will help lose your arms fat quicker. In fact, consuming the wrong foods can sabotage your efforts in losing the excess fat no matter how hard you do your arm workouts at home

From a 2012 publication on the Effect of Diet and Exercise, the researchers conclude that diet plays a key role when losing arms fat. You have to follow a low-calorie diet and also choose the right foods, preferably whole foods instead of processed ones. Sugary, processed foods like white bread/ pizza dough offer little nutrition to the body. The same goes for fried, fatty foods, such as doughnuts. 

If you truly want those toned arms, you have to focus on a diet with more fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Those foods help burn arm fat. Furthermore, include whole grains, low-fat dairy, and or small amounts of fats from compounds like nuts and olive oil. This will provide you with essential nutrients that you need to remain energized while progressing with your arm-fat-burning workouts.

Done with the “meal-plan”, let’s now look at the most-effective arm exercises without weights which will help turn the droopy fat into the firm, womanly muscles.

How to slim arm fat? Best Yoga Poses For A Toned Arm

High Plank

While not many people love it, Plank is one of the most effective exercises for arms and to get in shape without equipment. To burn the droopy fat, you have to actively push away from the floor with both your palms and toes. This will squeeze and stretch your arm muscles, making them strong and firm.

Apart from the arms, doing a High plank will help tighten your core and shoulder muscles. Thereby, giving you proper support when doing other arms workouts. 

Side Plank

Unlike high plank where you support yourself with the fours, the Side plank requires you to balance your body weight in only twos. The exercise requires you to gain balance with only one hand as you push your hips to the ceiling. This will then strengthen your arms, shoulders, and wrists. Thus, burning the hanging fat into firmer muscles. 

Upward Plank Pose

Upward Plank pose (also called Purvottanasana in Sanskrit) is amongst the top-best exercises to get rid of arm fat. For optimal efficacy, you have to plant your palms firm on the ground, then, straighten your arms to stretch your triceps. This will strengthen your arm muscles and reduce arm fats. 

Upward Plank pose also offers a remarkable stretch on your wrist flexors, hence, toughening and making them less prone to injuries. 

Downward Facing Dog

Also called Adho Mukha Shvanasana, this yoga pose focuses on strengthening and energizing the muscles on the arms and shoulders. The exercise involves rotating the upper arms, creating space around the head and neck. For you to effectively lose arm fat with this yoga pose, you have to squeeze the triceps around the arm bones without locking your elbows. 

While performing the Downward Facing Dog Pose, you also have to keep your hands firmly pressed into the mat. This makes your wrists stronger and prevent conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or Cobra pose is another remarkable arm workout for women with droopy fat and weak muscles. However, the exercise predominantly involves shoulders, chest, back, and neck. 

To focus your Cobra pose on burning the excess arm fat, you have to keep your palms firmly-pressed to the floor. Then, straighten your arms (as you lift your chest) and maintain your triceps in a squeezed position. 

Yoga poses for biceps – Crow Pose & Crane Pose

Crane Pose is a compact arm leveling posture that helps strengthen your arms as you “stand” on your palms. For the exercise to work on your arms, you have to press the palms into the floor. Then balance your legs and torso with the back of your upper arms. As you balance with the palms, your wrists also become stronger. Hence, minimizing the risk of injury.

Most people tend to confuse the Crow pose (Kakasana) with the Crane Pose. Crow Pose is also an arm balancing pose but instead of keeping the hands straight (Bakasana), you bend them like a crow. The Yoga posture helps strengthen your arms by burning the unnecessary fat on your biceps and triceps. Similarly, the exercise will make your wrists strong as well.

Palm Tree Pose

Palm Tree Pose or Talasana is a variation of the Tadasana (Mountain Pose). The yoga technique is a good arm workout to stretch and build your fat-based weak muscles. To enhance the fat metabolism, you need to stretch your arms overhead with your shoulders down and relaxed. This will help squeeze your arms’ muscles and also improve mobility of the shoulders.

Stick Pose

Stick Pose or Yastikasana is a remarkable Yoga stretch for various body muscles, ranging from the core to the shoulders and arms. For you to tone your arms, the exercise requires you to lie on the floor with your hands overhead. Then, try inhaling as you feel the stretch from toes to fingers. 

If you do the Stick Pose correctly, the stretch will not only reduce your arms fat but also ease the joints pain. 

Mountain Pose

After doing the arm workouts, don’t forget to rest your arms. Although it might seem quite basic, the Mountain Pose (also known as Tadasana) is the foundation of all yoga poses. Unlike the other stances we have discussed, this yoga technique helps you harmonize your body and mind. Thereby, expelling dullness and depression, as well as boost your concentration on your goal of losing arm fat. 

When performing Mountain Pose, you have to keep your arms relaxed at your sides while pulling the shoulder blades together. 

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