Things to Do Before and After Laser Hair Removal

The procedure utilizes laser light that focuses on hair removal. The light transforms into heat and targets the pigment in the hair shaft. Transmission of the heat eventually mars the follicles and inhibits hair growth. 

Laser hair removal in Pune is a good place to start. They use the finest equipment for the treatments and have proficient personnel. It requires nearly 4-6 sittings to see the desired results.

Laser hair removal in Pune is ousting the tedious process of going to the parlors constantly for eliminating the pesky growth of hair. The brisk movement of contemporary times leaves meager or no time for people to groom regularly.

It is a rather time-taking and troublesome feat. Laser treatments will help in getting rid of the hair growth from the areas that one desires.


The process is by far the most efficacious mode there is for removing hair. It does not impair the skin and is strikingly efficient. It operates on the principle of using heat for hair removal. Melanin is a dark pigment present in the hair strand. 

This soaks heat and shatters the hair cells, which forbids it from developing further. The target of the laser beam is incredibly precise.

The procedure begins with a thorough cleanse of the target area. Followed by marking the section into smaller grids. They prune the surface hair with utmost caution. Then, a smoothening gel is applied to the calibrated area. A professional dermatologist will then run the device on the marked areas in a back-and-forth fashion. 

Although the procedure is painless, the person might feel a warm and tingly sensation. They correlate the duration of the practice to the size of the section being dealt with. Once the treatment is over, they apply a cooling gel, cold compress finishing up with a moisturizer and sunscreen.




1) Avoid shaving the intended sections two weeks before the practice.

2) Shield the skin from undue sun exposure. Sunburnt skin is not optimal for laser treatments.

3) Refrain from indulging in a range of skincare products and stick to a moisturizer and sunscreen. You should stop the application of moisturizer and sunscreen about 3-5 days before the procedure.

4) Abstain from using any beauty parlor services like waxing, facials, plucking, or threading a month before the process.

5) You must discuss any ongoing medication with the dermatologist and preferably stop their usage for a little while. In case the treatment backfires any side effects in cumulation with these drugs.


1) Cease from using ample cleansing products and indulge in a liberal usage of sunscreen.

2) You must not avail of any parlor activities for at least a week after the procedure.

3) You should avoid hot water baths for at least 12-15 hours after the treatment.

4) Avoid swimming or going to sauna sessions for 3 days after the procedure.

5) Applying topical products is fine 3 days after the treatment.

6) If one had to experience any irritation on the skin post their treatment, use a cold compress on the affected areas. 


This state-of-the-art process has made life simpler for so many people. Waxing may induce the skin to become darker. It is tedious and vexing. Sections like the bikini wax are acutely painful. Intermittent courses often leave women, traumatized and apprehensive of the next waxing date. 

Men may experience laser burns and cuts and have high inflammations caused by the pattern of shaving. There is a pesky buildup of in-growth, which is truly uncomfortable when it grazes against their collars.

Some people find it bothersome to have body hair and crave to get rid of it. Laser treatments come in handy to succor these demands. Celebrities and athletes thrive off these treatments. Being in a line of work such as this is demanding. They have to look good and carrying laser treatments is a godsend. 

The most prominently treated areas among women are upper lips, armpits, bikini line, and lower lip. Men mostly indulge in getting lasers on their faces for a more sculpted look. This could include sideburns and a beard. Men also get lasers done on their backs.


Laser treatments are the finest techniques accessible to erase unwanted hair. It is easier to implement these treatments on dark-colored hair as they absorb the heat more freely.

The skin may feel a trivial irritability or pigment post the treatment which gradually melts away. There is a very slim chance of injury and is a reliable procedure.

The hair will not fall out immediately but over time. It may take a few weeks. Removing hair for life will require a multitude of sessions. They set up these once the hair growth starts again. Home lasers are not as proficient and leave room for errors. 

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