Best Korean Fashion Trends You can Shop Online

Korean trends is never out of style. Check out Netfilx, Youtube, Spotify…etc., you can still see Korean dramas and K-pop are dominating some of the top places.

Thanks to the the popularity of the Korean celebrities, Korean fashion has successfully made their work noticeable among the world. 

People are always on the lookout for Korean latest fashion trend pieces that these Korean stars are loving. There is no secret that Korean fashion has been leading the trend all over the world.

South Korean fashion has got many street fashion trends that can blow your mind. Each season there are some things on their way in.

To keep yourself up with the Korean fashion trend, the best way is to check out the hottest Korean fashion online stores and shop for the styles you love.

These fashion stores would include comprehensive styles for different types of looks. You could find the latest and popular trends of Korean fashion there. Here, we have picked out a set of the latest Korean fashion trends that you can easily style yourself to everyday wear.

The latest Korean fashion trends to follow to stay in style

Korean fashion
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1. Puff Sleeves

The puff sleeves can work with so many items, from dresses to tops, knitwear and outerwear. Especially when it comes with blouses, the femininity is so versatile and can work for so many occasions. 

The famous stylist Emily Bobb once said “Puff sleeves assert a level of feminine masculinity,” it can help women easily “reclaim a sense of boss-ness and attract attention.”

Dabagirl - korean fashion
Dabagirl – korean fashion

The Korean fashion brand Dabagirl offers a wide range of fashion items in style of sleek, feminine, and glamorous, to your wardrobe. 

The puff sleeve style has enduring appeal because it’s powerful. Get a feminine puff sleeve blouse of Dabagirl and pull off the look yourself! 

2. Ruffle Dress

The ruffle details can be on the collars on a top or as a pattern on the sleeve. A ruffled dress is one of the best outfit for your romantic date.

Ruffles with airy layers and tiers would add texture and volume to your dress. It gives your outfit a feminine feeling and effortlessly making you look proper and decent. The ruffled-up look also creates a ‘dressy’ look without any effort.

Maybins - Korean fashion
Maybins – Korean fashion

Maybins, a Korean fashion brand, provides some romantic ruffle dresses that you can go shine in any occasions.

3.Monotone colors

Monotones represent minimalist fashion. The monotone style creates a very sophisticated and subtle look.

Many people may think that Korean fashion is not minimalist at all, but you can see monotone styles are getting their place in Korean street fashion. It can be fashionable or feminine in a decent way. You can choose your favorite shade to match with your personality and mood to carry off the monotone outfit in style.

HELLO,SWEETY - Korean fashion
HELLO,SWEETY – Korean fashion

HELLO,SWEETY provide simple yet fashionable monotone outfits. Black and white or other neutral colors create urban modern looks that can fit in different occasions.

If you want to dash up your monotone look, you can always add a pop-up color hair extension or a statement accessory.

4. Statement Blazers

Putting on a statement blazer is the easiest way to complete your outfit in style.

You would never get bored with mix and matching your outfit and different blazers. A blazer can change your style in a totally different way.

66 girls - Korean fashion
66 girls – Korean fashion

As long as you wear a blazer that stands out or accentuates your look, you are good to go. 66 Girls is one of the top fashion online store in Korea. It provides lovely and adorable Korean fashion outfits mainly for girls in 10s – 20s.

A outstanding blazer can styling up your outfit every day. If you need a high fashion look, an oversized leather blazer or a heavily printed blazer is also a good choice.

5. Oversized tops

Koreans have already mastered this street fashion style of wearing oversized tops in fashionable way. To keep the body proportions perfect, many Korean girls would wear tight-fitting bottoms when wearing an oversized top. It gives a casual and relaxing street feeling to complete your style.

bylogins - Korean fashion
bylogins – Korean fashion

Bylogins is one of the leading Korean casual wear brands. It provides comfortable wears that would never be out of style. To further style up your look with an oversized top, you can match it with a pair of chunky sneakers. It also gives a touch of style if you pair it with platform heels.

6. Chunky Sneakers

Putting on some chunky sneakers really increases your coolness quotient. Be it any color or any length of heel, a sneaker helps you accessorize fashionably yet comfortably. You can pair it with trousers, jeans or dresses to bring out a very smart look.

Now that you know ample about the various fashion trends dominating Korea go ahead and get your stylish clothes to keep up with the trend.

Read reviews carefully of the buyers who have purchased from the items that you are looking at, to make a wiser decision. Stock up your wardrobe with the latest Korean fashion outfit so that you can style your best look!

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