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10 Best Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty brands and Products

The arrival of Korean beauty products has got every woman across the world excited. From BB creams to glass skin, snail mucin creams, or the renowned Korean skincare routine – everyone’s beauty vocabulary is entrenched with the magic of K Beauty.

However, for the uninitiated customers who are new to navigating the wide spectrum of the Korean skincare market and its products – this can prove to be a daunting and overwhelming exercise where every brand name seems new and unfamiliar.

The task of choosing the best skin care products becomes more difficult when it is vegan and cruelty-free products that you are in search of. 

So, what are cruelty-free beauty products? The term cruelty-free means animals are not involved in the testing of the skincare product.

This is applicable to both third parties and manufacturers. You must never confuse vegan products with cruelty-free ones – for they are poles apart. One doesn’t use animal-derived ingredients to create its products while the other strictly refrains from testing it on them.

Are you ready to check out the incredible list of the 10 best cruelty-free Korean brands?

10 Best Cruelty-free Korean Brand You should know

PyunkangyulMinimalistic beauty

The renowned skincare brand Pyunkang Yul has been carrying forward the 46-year-old tradition of designing its beauty products which specialize in treating a variety of respiratory and skin diseases.

Highlighted item: Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Deep Moisture is deeply nourishing and is also a vegan product. It will not only revitalize dry skin with the use of its minimum essential ingredients but also deliver clean beauty. The absence of colors, artificial fragrances, and chemicals make it even more wonderful. 

Cosrx – Find your confidence

The primary goal of this outstanding brand is to deliver customers with customized solutions for their skin concerns.

If you want cruelty free Korean skincare products that will ensure you look good on the outside while feeling stunning on the inside, then Cosrx product is for you. It can solve every skin problem, enable you to gain confidence, and help you find your true beauty.

Highlighted item: Cosrx Shield Fit All Green Comfort Sun Cream

Cosrx Shield Fit All Green Comfort Sun Cream is a moisturizing and refreshing cream that soothes irritated skin while creating a hydration barrier. Enjoy the calming, cool effect of this fragrance and cruelty-free product. 

Heimish – No More Normal

Heimish is a brand that understands skin concerns and treats it with 100% natural products to deliver the best results.

Heimish All Clean Balm is perfect for sensitive skin and is also hypoallergenic in nature. It will improve the skin tone while balancing the complexion of your skin. The buildup of residual makeup will also be removed gently while you are left with soft and protected skin. 

Highlighted item: Heimish All Clean Balm

Dear, Klairs –  Simple but Enough

Dear Klairs is another Korean skincare brand that will ensure healthy and gorgeous-looking skin. Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum is what you want to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin with.

If you want to replenish the moisture levels of your skin while ensuring it is more radiant, younger-looking, soft, and smooth all you need is this one-of-a-kind and best Korean skincare product to keep dehydration, tiredness, and lack of glow at bay.

The use of effective ingredients to manufacture this product will work marvelously in your favor. This is a magical and soothing product designed especially for sensitive skin. 

Highlighted item: Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

April Skin – Solution from nature

Do you want to give your hair an exceptional look – something that is fun, trending, nourishing, and safe at the same time? Then, check out the extraordinary April Skin brand which promises its users just that.

April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment will leave your hair with silky and smooth hair texture. The temporary hair color and fascinating fruity scent are just the tips of the iceberg.

This product will not damage your cuticles as it colors the hair. The gentle impact of the product on the hair will offer it a vibrant and nourishing effect. Jojoba seed oil, sage extract, lavender extract, and rosemary extract are all a part of this product. 

Highlighted item: April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment

Chica Y Chico – Your Funderful Cosmetic Brand

The brand name CHICA Y CHICO is translating from Spanish as “boy and girl”. CHICA Y CHICO provides girls and boys with reasonably priced, high-quality products that bring a little bit of fun into their everyday routines.

Highlighted item: CHICA Y CHICO One Shot Eye Palette

The Turn-Up Clear Treatment from Chica Y Chico is undoubtedly one of the best Asian makeup you will come across for your eyes.

Be it shimmer, glitter, or matte the variety of different colors will transform your look based on your mood or occasion. The vivid array of colors features soft texture, sparkling glitter, long-lasting and smoothing impact. 

Benton – Freshly made products and healthy ingredients

Benton is a brand that not focusing on the expensive and glamorous casing but focuses on the high-quality skin-friendly ingredients in the product. They have the principle of producing small amounts of products in order to provide freshly made products to the customers.

Highlighted item: Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner can help to remove the buildup of blackheads to removing dead skin cells and supplying the skin with an ample amount of moisture – this product can brilliantly handle all troubles related to skincare.

It will minimize pores, improve the skin barrier, prevent skin damage, fight acne, and control the texture of the skin. Perfect for all types of troubled skin and can be used regularly.

This product promises that the user will grow more beautiful and young with time. 

By Wishtrend – Ingredients, Formulations, and RESULTS

By Wishtrend is a brand with confidence on the products’ ingredients, formulations, and results, as manifested by the fact that it was launched on distribution channels that carry mostly functional products.

Highlighted item: Vitamin 75 maximizing cream

The amazing list of beneficial ingredients present in this product – Vitamin 75 maximizing cream, facial cream, vitamin C cream is bound to rejuvenate your skin and leave it hydrated.

It will offer a refreshing finish with the blend of organic products that are present in it.

The soft, healthy glow will enable you to look naturally charming. It also takes care of signs of aging and prevents them from surfacing on your face. Use this advanced skincare product to deal with all your woes.

Hyggee – Simplistic and Minimalist

The brand name “Hyggee” translates from the Danish cultural concept, HYGGE, which means the simple things in life; the additional “E” of HYGGEE means the essence of beauty.

Through the brand name, we can see that Hyggee is aimed to create a simple but healthy skincare culture.

Highlighted items: HYGGEE All In One Cream

The All In One Cream from HYGGEE will strengthen the skin barrier, deliver a renewal effect and offer immediate skin protection. It also has a significant effect if you wish for a highly moisturized and bright skin complexion. 

Karadium – The shiniest in the space

Karadium is a professional makeup brand with its own personality. Their simple but interesting design attracts a lot of fans these years.

Highlighted item: Smudging Moisturizing Long Lasting Lip Tint Stick

This Karadium Smudging Moisturizing Long Lasting Lip Tint Stick offers the ultimate rich color to your lips with one use only. It uses an advanced blend formula to prevent crumpling and offers a natural smudging effect. The color it delivers is long-lasting. Don’t you want something as awesome as this in your makeup kit?

These are the 10 best Korean beauty and skincare products to try that are also cruelty-free. 

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