3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Scratch-Free

Cars are an investment, so they must be cared for. Regular mechanical maintenance is performed to ensure the car’s mechanical parts are working is important, but protecting the car’s exterior is also vital. The exterior of the car is what is seen, so keeping it scratch-free is a must. Proper washing of the car is the most important way to prevent scratching. Below are tips for keeping a car scratch-free.

How to Keep Your Car Scratch-Free

How to keep care scratch free


Dirt and cars are never a good mix, but dirt is unavoidable. Dirt consists of many small grains of debris that cause microscopic scratches with prolonged build-up. This build-up will negatively affect the vehicle’s paint. It will make the car look older than it is.

Some owners decide against washing a car when it is about to rain, but in actuality, when dirt mixes with rain, it causes a reaction that can deteriorate the metal of the car, resulting in obvious damage on its surface. Dirt can also cause issues with window tinting. If windows are not properly cleaned, it can cause damage to the point you will need your windows tinted again.

Washing Methods

The way a car is washed can prevent scratching. Below are a few tips for hand washing a vehicle.

  • Rinse first. Dirt and grime can be sneaky. To ensure the top layer of these substances is removed before the actual washing, use a low-pressure hose to spray the car off gently. A water hose works perfectly for this. If a hose is not readily available, using a bucket with clean water will also work.
  • Use the two-bucket wash method. During this method, one bucket has the cleaner, and one bucket is clean water. The towel or mitt is dipped into the cleaner bucket first. Beginning at the top of the car, the mitt is used to wash off dirt and grime. Once the mitt is dirty and needs to be rinsed, it is put into the clean water bucket to rinse. Then back into the cleaner bucket to resume the cleaning process. This method keeps the dirt and grime from entering into the cleaner to be transferred back onto the car.
  • High-quality products. Cleaners and drying products must be of high quality. Any type of detergent that is used must be gentle yet tough. Dish soaps and laundry soaps have a degreasing agent in them that effectively cuts through the dirt and grime but hurts the wax protectant on the car and dulls the shine. Products made specifically for the use of cars are the best option. Dry materials are just as important. The material used to hand dry the car must be durable yet soft. This also applies to the material used to wash the car. Microfiber mitts and towels are the safest options.


Applying wax is crucial for the appearance of the car. The wax acts as a shield from the harmful sun rays. The wax will also help to shed water when it rains so that the drops to do stay on the exterior forming water spots.

There is no doubt that a coat of wax will make the car shine like new. The wax brands vary, so the owner must find a brand they like and stay with it. The wax should be applied two to three times a year, including once before the summer and once before the winter months.

Using the above method and tips, the car will look new for many years to come.

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