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Is Cerave Cruelty-free? And It’s Best Products

Cerave is a widely popular brand. It uses vegan products, but some of the other products go through testing on animals. This is because some countries have laws that make it essential to conduct these kinds of tests.

Hence, Cerave is not completely cruelty-free.

Cerave is a company that mainly specializes in skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. As a brand, it enables you to take care of your sensitive skin without causing any form of irritation. You will be able to get Cerave from Singapore.

It is not cruelty-free because some countries necessitate animal testing by law. Some of their products are vegan. However, other products may contain some animal fats. Therefore, it is important to look through the ingredients before you buy Cerave products from KSFBeauty.

Best Cerave Products

Skincare routine

1. Cerave moisturizing cream

Dry skin can cause itchiness. To prevent this, you can use the Cerave moisturizing cream, which contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. The moisturizer hydrates the skin and restores the natural barrier. These ingredients are especially useful for those with dry skin as it improves the feel and the look of their skin. 

This moisturizing cream further uses three important ceramides for creating a protective barrier. You can use it both on your body and face. Dermatologists formed this product as a fast-absorbing, non-greasy cream. You can also use it during the night and day, and it’s fragrance-free.

2. Facial hydrating cleanser

You can use the Facial hydrating cleanser from Cerave to wash your face gently. Hyaluronic acid, along with ceramides, locks in the moisture. Therefore, you will be able to get a refreshing feeling without making your skin feel tight.

Your skin will receive constant nourishment from Hyaluronic acid. It will hydrate your skin in an effective manner. Hence, it will not irritate your skin. And, you can use it for dry and normal skin.

3. SA Body Wash for Bumpy and Rough Skin

Exfoliation helps to improve the texture of your skin. The SA Body wash contains salicylic acid with ceramides. Besides hyaluronic acid, this body wash also uses niacinamide.

This gentle body wash is suitable for bumpy and rough skin. It does not have pricky microbeads,which will scratch your skin. The presence of niacinamide in the body wash lets you soothe your skin.

4. Cerave Healing Baby Ointment

Baby care products can easily irritate their skin. The Healing Baby Ointment does not have the ingredients that can affect the skin barrier of the baby. It keeps away the wetness that can cause diaper rash.

Even if your baby has a diaper rash, this ointment treats and heals it completely. In addition to ceramides and hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E is also present. It is free from lanolin and does not have any fragrance which will not irritate the skin of the baby.

5. Retinol Resurfacing Serum

When you have an uneven skin tone with acne marks, it can lead to breakouts. The Retinol Resurfacing Serum can reduce visible pores and acne marks, which can also be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This serum gives a refining effect on your skin without affecting the protective barrier of the skin.

In addition, the Cerave Retinol Resurfacing Serum will smooth the texture of your skin. Besides retinol, it contains the extract of licorice root. The latter will brighten the appearance of your skin. As a serum, it is fast-absorbing and lightweight, which provides your complexion with a healthy look.

6. AM Moisturizing Facial Lotion and Sunscreen

For your skincare routine in the mornings, you can make use of a moisturizer that has a broad SPF spectrum. This SPF is essential for guarding your skin against any form of damage from UVB and UVA rays. Moreover, the hydrating AM Moisturizing Lotion consists of ingredients such as niacinamide, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid with a formula that is non-comedogenic.

This SPF 30 sunscreen and lotion will not clog your pores, and it will not cause your acne to flare up. In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, it has a Delivery MVE Technology. The latter will supply moisture to your skin throughout the day. Micro-fine zinc oxide will be suitable for all types of skin and spread out evenly without looking chalky.

7. Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Daily moisturizing is important besides sun protection and cleansing. For preserving the natural protective skin barrier, you can look for ingredients which are ceramides and hyaluronic acid. They will protect your skin and restore the natural skin barrier from any prior damage.

Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion is an oil-free and lightweight moisturizer. It hydrates your skin in a thorough manner. In addition, it will last for a long time on your skin. The daily moisturizer will make your skin feel gentle and comfortable with its hydration of twenty-four hours.

8. Vitamin C Skin Renewing Serum

Vitamin C plays an important role in rejuvenating your skin. It protects against any damage from the environment with the power of its antioxidants. Moreover, it takes care of your uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines. Thus, it acts as an anti-aging element for neutralizing the free radicals that can make your skin age prematurely.

It enhances the radiance of your skin by brightening up your complexion. Vitamin B5 is present that smoothens the texture of your skin. It is suitable for very sensitive skin and prevents oxidation.

9. Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser

A foam facial cleanser eliminates excess makeup, dirt, and oil. It does not disrupt the natural protective barrier of your skin. It calms your skin by using hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

Therefore, it does not make your skin look dry. It also does not irritate the skin. And, it suits normal and oily skin.


The brand has various types of products suitable for dry, normal, and oily skin. It has facial cleansers, sunscreens, and daily moisturizers. Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide which hydrate the skin form the most common ingredients.

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