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10 Inexpensive ways to glam your room

Everyone wants to own a room that defines them in every sense. Redecorating a room is not cheap, and you might need enough funds to replace the old staff and change the general look of your room. However, there are affordable alternatives; thus, revamping your room doesn’t have to be expensive. These few details will change the look of your room.

10 Affordable Room Decor Ideas

Add flowers to your room

For any special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivals, parties, etc., you can decorate your house and garden with fresh real flowers. If you visit your local florist like Flowers By Jane for flower delivery in Brisbane, you will be 100% satisfied with their unique floral designs in a vast range.

Getting real flowers can be very expensive; thus, it’s advisable to go for fake ones. Artificial flowers look and feel natural; hence, you won’t worry about them withering away by ensuring they are well maintained. For a more luxe look, they should be monochromatic. Fake flowers don’t attract bugs.

Add stencils to your wall

Wallpapers are not only expensive, but they need experts to install them. You can achieve similar results by using a stencil on your wall décor. Stencils won’t give you a hard time when it’s time to change the look you can paint over them. Get your stencil and draw your desired artwork to change the monotony in your room.

Add a rag

Area rags define your space and look great. You can have a matching color or add a contrasting one to make the room interesting. These rags are expensive; hence it’s wise to acquire them during a sale or visit a thrift store and see if you can find a suitable one. 

Hang your curtains high

Let your room look and feel expensive without breaking the bank. High curtains give it that expensive look. Ensure the curtains are complementary and can be moved during the day to allow natural light into your room.

Get your furniture

Getting new furniture is expensive. However, you can visit April & Oak and get incredible discounts on furniture. Instead of changing the furniture, you can opt for furniture covers. Ensure the covers fit well; otherwise, they won’t be of help.

Be creative

To achieve that room, you desire so much. It’s advisable to play with different textures as long as they complement each other. No matter the texture, ensure they draw attention, becoming statement pieces in the room.

Add mirrors

Each detail is important, and mirrors are the best pieces to make a room appear larger than it is. Mirrors can be of different shapes and sizes to bring unique properties and add bling to a room.


Clutter changes the look of a room. Removing old, broken, or unused items creates more space. A room with more space looks good and elegant. You can either donate those unwanted staff or sell them to make that extra cash.

Add crown molding

Crown molding is an affordable way of making a room elegant. It’s an easy process that transforms a room to give it a unique feature that takes a long time to achieve.

Improvise your space

Instead of buying a bookshelf, you can build open shelves which are more affordable. You can use the shelves to hold your favorite items or books.

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