Why the HVAC VRF System is Making Waves in the Australian Market

Not many people have heard of the new HVAC technology that is slowly transforming the whole industry. If you haven’t been browsing through the latest innovations about heating and cooling systems, you might be missing out on a lot of its potential.

The VRF system or Variable Refrigerant Flow allows you to get the best performance out of your AC unit with the least energy consumption. It is the latest technology to emerge in the market, providing consistent comfort and better energy efficiency. 

If you are aiming to get a new HVAC system for your home or office, considering this new technology will give you the best savings.

Not only is it the heating and cooling solution efficient with its performance, but it also leverages your investment returns. 

The Presence of VRF in the Australian Market

Variable Refrigerant Flow or VRF technology has been in the market for almost two decades now. But it was relatively unheard of in Australia because of the lack of a solid base to penetrate the traditional HVAC market.

Most people are also sceptical about newer technologies as they often have untested marketability.

But with the changes in time, HVAC technology rapidly evolved, taking along the VRF system. The technology is highly regarded for its high capacity performance. And nowadays, more and more contractors are advocating the VRF system, so households and businesses are shifting to this newer technology. 

The VRF system is also the better solution if you want to replace your existing HVAC unit or need to have a new one installed. The heating and cooling system can easily provide quick returns by allowing you to save on your bills while keeping your home or office environment comfortable. 

How the VRF System Works

The technical nature of VRF and how it works is complex. The easiest explanation is to describe how a high-capacity and large scale ductless air conditioning unit works. Generally, the design of a VRF heating and cooling system varies based on its intended application. 

It can be used for multiple zoning areas while operating in one central unit. It can function as a heat pump or a recovery system, providing both heating and cooling to a designated room or multiple sets of areas.

In terms of its functionality, the VRF system offers the versatility and flexibility you need. They can be customised to fit your home or business’ specific demands, providing the right fit for any project.  

Ideal Australian Spaces for VRF HVAC Installations

Australia has one of the most varied communities in the world. The VRF system adequately fits anywhere where heating and cooling system performance demands are greater. The VRF system typically fits in spaces like:

  • Restaurants
  • High-end townhouses and luxury apartments
  • Retail stores
  • Office spaces
  • Communities and buildings requiring multiple HVAC zoning

Newer technologies like the VRF system prove to be more efficient when it comes to what you need from your heating and cooling system. The whole installation process might be a complex job, but it provides your home or office space with all the right benefits. 

VRF HVAC units are laying the groundwork for newer technologies that are energy-efficient, provide less downtime, and bring consistent comfort to any space.

It can provide simultaneous heating and cooling, capturing heat from the cooling process and transferring them to other parts of the zoning area.  

Author Bio: Kathleen Zara works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating web sites, and web content.

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