Summer Fashion Tips: How to Wear Kaftans?

Whether we like it or not, average temperatures across the world have increased. Summers are hotter than ever. Because of this, people are always looking for clothing items that will be comfortable to wear during hot summer days. For women, one of their options is to wear Czarina Kaftans or something similar. 

What are Kaftans? 

Kaftans originated from the Middle East and were worn traditionally by the men of the area. The traditional kaftan is a long-free flowing robe or tunic that reaches ankle-length. Kaftans are usually made out of silk or light cotton materials. The characteristic cut and design of kaftan garments make them comfortable to wear in hot weather conditions. Because they are extremely comfortable and stylish, kaftans have evolved significantly from being exclusively worn by men to one of the most popular summer outfits for women. 

How to Wear Kaftans

Although Kaftans can be worn to almost any occasion, they are mostly worn primarily for the following situations:

As Beach Wear or Cover-up


You can see kaftans of different shades and designs during the summer, especially when you are at the beach. Because kaftans are made from light and breezy fabrics, these items will offer you a great way to keep fresh while strolling on the sand or the boardwalk. Kaftans are also an excellent cover-up garment to protect your bikini body from harmful UV rays and long stares of onlookers. 

When choosing kaftans for the beach, it is essential to choose a length that you will be comfortable with. If you wish to dip your legs into the waters, it is better to select kaftans with lengths that do not fall under the knees to protect the fabric from being wet. Since Kaftans are free-flowing fabrics, you can easily remove the sand from the material. 

As Formal or Casual Wear


Czarina Kaftans can look great on all women, no matter their body types. The cut of Kaftans can hide body parts that are not flattering. On the other hand, the different designs of kaftans can also accentuate parts that you feel look good for you. For example, if you wish to give your ample bust area attention, you can choose a kaftan with a low V-neck design. 

These garments can also be worn for any occasion. However, it is best to match the colours and style of kaftans to the event. For example, please do try to avoid wearing kaftans with bright colours and loud designs when planning to attend a funeral. 

Easy to Accessorise

Kaftans are also ideal for women who go for the boho lifestyle since you can easily accessorize your kaftans with boho-style jewellery and footwear. However, you should still follow the basic rules of accessorizing outfits – “never put on too many accessories on one occasion.” Also, choose your accessories based on the design of your kaftan. The more basic your kaftan design is, the bolder should be your accessories. On the other hand, if your kaftan already has bold designs, then choose simple accessories. 

Day or Night Attire


Czarina Kaftans can be worn at any time of the day. During the day, pair flat sandals with light-coloured kaftans to get that boho or Greek-style to be worn to just about. For night-time events, it is best to put on a more fitted kaftan with darker colours. 

Czarina Kaftans are exceptionally versatile clothing items that are perfect for any woman’s closet. 

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