How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes for Thick, Full Lashes

Eyelash volume is a big concern for many women. It has been my own personal battle over the years, as I struggle to find ways to make them appear thicker and fuller. You might not be aware of this, but eyelashes are delicate, and it takes special care in order to maintain them in their best condition with no damage or breakage. This blog post will tell about how you can best take care of your eyelashes so that they look healthy, long, and voluminous!

Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Eyelashes

Avoid rubbing your eyes

One of the worst things you can do for your eyelashes is to rub or touch them with anything. The oils, bacteria, and makeup from our hands will seep deep into their roots and cause more breakage than necessary.

Use a gentle cleanser on your lashes

Using a cleanser helps remove all traces of dirt, grime, and bacteria from the day-to-day. This will not only keep them looking and feeling healthy, but it will also help you avoid any breakage or damage that can occur from dirty hands or makeup residue on your lashes during the day.

Trim regularly

If you notice stray hairs around your eyes, trimming them is essential to prevent clumps and buildup of dirt and oil deep within the roots where they don’t belong. 

Condition your lashes

You can also condition and style your eyelashes by putting on oil-free eye primer before mascara application to help them appear thicker and fuller with fewer clumps!

eye concealer

Curl your lashes

Curling will not only open up your eyes but give you an instant volume boost without having to apply false eyelashes. If you want more curl than what comes from just simply curling, try looking at some Youtube videos that teach you how to curl your lashes perfectly.

Apply an oil-free eye makeup remover to the lashes

When you remove your eye makeup, make sure to apply it right above the roots of your eyelashes and not just on top.

Use a volumizing mascara

If there is one thing that will give you instant volume in less than five seconds, it’s using a good volumizing mascara! Brands like Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara have been proven to be some of the best for creating those pretty lashes without any clumping or flaking- which means no mess underneath your eyes when trying to sleep at night.

Use baby shampoo as a makeup remover when needed

It is gentler than traditional products used for this purpose. Besides, it’s less harsh on your lashes and skin. Also, the fragrance is better for you than others, too!

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Avoid using soap

Using soap to wash your face can be really bad for those lash roots as well. They will dry out much more quickly if they are not properly moisturized. Remember that the same thing applies when washing them with shampoo; never use a product containing sulfates or other detergents. These ingredients strip away natural oils from both hair and skin leaving it feeling tight and dried out all day long. You don’t want this happening to your eyelashes either!

Try using eyelash extensions

If you find that your eyelashes aren’t as voluminous and long as you would like, it may be time to consider getting an eyelash extension treatment. Extensions are applied by an expert who will use individual synthetic eyelash supplies one at a time for each of your existing natural ones.

Once the extensions have been fully bonded onto your real lashes, they will cover them completely with minimal space in between, which creates more volume and length than ever before! You can buy the eyelash extension kit to try it and see the results on your looks.

Stop using eye makeup remover

It can dry out those delicate strands quickly if they come into contact with it. Instead, always remove any eye makeup residue thoroughly with soap and water only, or else you could end up losing some precious eyelash hairs in the process.

Don’t wash the face too much

It’s not a good idea to wash your face too often because it can also dry out the eyelashes. Wash your face only twice each day with warm water and pat dry afterward without rubbing or scrubbing at all!

Use lash serum

If you want thicker lashes, then apply an eyelash serum every night before bed so that they are healthier and stronger. You’ll be amazed how much longer these will grow as well-conditioned from using this nightly routine!

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Use cotton pads to remove makeup

face washing

For those who wear a lot of makeup, use cotton pads to remove your eye makeup instead of fingers because it won’t come into contact with the eyelashes.

Don’t touch them

The last thing you want is dirty hands coming in contact with these precious lashes, so don’t touch them at all while applying anything like mascara or serum, etc. If need be, just tap away excess products before they dry completely onto the lash line from touching them accidentally during application!


Your eyes are the window to your soul, so it’s essential to take care of them. The more time and effort you put into taking care of your lashes, the better they will grow and look!

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