Smart Budgeting: 9 Clever Hacks to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

When getting ready to pop the question, it is the right time to find a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

When shopping for a ring, it is necessary to find ways to reduce the cost and get more out of the investment. By following 9 clever hacks, consumers can save more money on an engagement ring.

Tips to Save Money on Engagement Ring

1. Choose a Custom Diamond Ring

Custom rings are better than standards that are more popular, such as round or emerald cut.

By getting a unique shape, they can shave at least 25% off the total price of the engagement rings. They can save a lot of money by choosing to buy Custom Jewelry for their significant other.

2. Review the Color of the Diamonds

All G color diamonds cost a lot more than other colors, and the person will need to review the color of the diamond when making their selections. The color itself can increase the cost of the engagement ring dramatically.

3. Choose Diamonds That Aren’t An Exact Carat Weight

When reviewing carat weight, an incredible way to cut the cost of the engagement ring is to choose a ring that the carat weight is in between a full carat. The carat weight is listed as 1.99 carat instead of two carats, etc.

4. Do Not Buy It During Any Holiday

Consumers should avoid buying an engagement ring during the holidays. If they want to propose on Christmas, they should purchase the ring several months ahead of time, and they will save a lot.

During the Christmas season, jewelers will increase the prices of popular rings and present a discount. However, the rings are priced at a greater price than they are during the summer.


5. Never Go By Just the Carat Weight

Don’t go by the carat weight to determine the size of the diamond. While it is great to consider carat sizes, some diamonds are cut deeper than others at smaller sizes, and this could make the overall diamond look bigger than it actually is. The person could get a smaller diamond that looks bigger at a lower price.

6. Get Discounts for Fluorescent Diamonds

Fluorescent diamonds are more affordable, and consumers should consider the selections over comparative diamonds. A cool feature of the engagement rings is that the diamond will emit a blue glow under a black light.

7. Rings With More Than One Diamond Costs More

When choosing an engagement ring, consumers can avoid high costs by choosing a ring with one diamond. The three-stone diamonds cost a lot more than a solitaire. If they choose the solitaire, they could get a larger diamond at a better price.

8. Watch for Promo Codes and Special Offers

A review of promo codes and special offers available through their favorite jeweler. Many jewelers provide email marketing materials that include special offers and promo codes for saving on engagement rings.

9. Stick to Your Budget

The consumer must stick to their budget and avoid overspending. While retailers recommend spending two months’ salary, it is not necessary to spend a lot just to propose.

When buying an engagement ring, there are several options for cutting the cost and getting the most out of the investment. When reviewing the great ways to save on diamond engagement rings, consumers find that simple tips could save them a lot. A review of money-saving tips eliminates extra costs and helps all consumers get a wonderful engagement ring for the person they love.

10. Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds like these from Stefano Navi can cost 40% less than traditional earth mined diamonds.

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