How to Regain Your Smile with the Help of Orthodontics in Las Vegas?

A smile is an essential feature of one’s face and personality. The appearance of one’s smile is also considered extremely important for effective communication and social interactions. However, many struggles with being confident about their smile due to various dental reasons. There are many different ways to enhance your smile, making you look more attractive and feel better about yourself.

One of those options includes having your teeth straightened with the help of an experienced orthodontics professional. If you are in the state of Nevada, you can consider referring to a Las Vegas orthodontics clinic to get the best treatment. There are over 1420 dental specialists in Las Vegas. Fortunately, these dental services are usually affordable because most dental insurance providers cover orthodontic work.

Who Needs Orthodontic Treatment in Las Vegas, NV?

There are over 26,300 teenagers in Las Vegas, and people are susceptible to dental issues during puberty. People of all ages should pay attention to their oral health, but some people require more attention to keep their flossing and brushing routine on schedule. 

Whether your teeth are crooked, chipped, broken, crowded, or spaced too far apart, orthodontic treatment can improve not only your dental health and hygiene but also the appearance of your smile.

The primary goal of orthodontists in Las Vegas, NV, is to move teeth into a more desirable position. If you have a child or young adult entering their teen years, this might be the perfect time to look into orthodontic treatment for them.

What Does an Orthodontic Treatment Involve in Las Vegas NV?

Las Vegas is a preferred destination for people from across the world, not only for entertainment but also for the wide array of cosmetic and orthodontic treatments offered by well-experienced professionals. Your Las Vegas orthodontics expert can provide you with a list of services catered specifically to your dental needs. The majority of orthodontic treatment begins with either braces or aligners. 

Braces are composed of brackets placed on the front and back of each tooth, while aligners are clear, transparent plastic trays that fit over your teeth to shift them into their proper positions gradually.

Other orthodontic treatments include:

  • Clear braces (also known as transparent or invisible aligners)
  • Headgear that is fitted over your head at night to shift the position of your jaw
  • Ceramic braces made out of tooth-colored resin, which offers a more aesthetic appeal than traditional metal braces
  • Lip bumpers designed to correct irregularities in the lips and the position of the tongue
  • Palatal expanders are used to widen your upper jaw or palate
  • Retainers are worn after most orthodontic procedures (between one to three years to keep your teeth in their proper positions)

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

Your orthodontic treatment will not only give you a more confident smile but is also beneficial to your overall oral health. Having straight, healthy teeth can ease the pressure of chewing and brushing when they are in the proper alignment.

In addition to improved function and appearance, orthodontic treatment can reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Crooked teeth can make it challenging to keep your teeth clean, opening you to plaque build-up and cavities.

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What to Expect from Your Initial Orthodontic Exam

Before your orthodontist can provide you with a treatment plan, they will need to conduct an initial exam. This involves checking the position of your teeth and bones and looking for signs of jaw abnormalities. In this brief appointment, the dental expert may also give you a record of orthodontic diagnosis.

Are You Ready to Regain Your Smile?

If you are ready to enhance your dental health, then it is time to contact an orthodontist in Las Vegas, NV. With the help of their staff, they will be able to provide you with a treatment plan that is designed specifically for your needs.

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