How to Pick Your Perfect Flat Cap

While watching a movie, you probably have seen a local newspaper boy delivering the daily news on each doorstep. Look closely and you will notice what they wear atop their head. That is what you call a newsboy cap or a flat cap. A flat cap is a round-shaped cap that has a short brim on the front and a soft fabric layout. 

There are many types of flat caps but the most well-known ones are the traditional flat cap and newsboy cap. The traditional flat cap is a single piece with a trim silhouette. On the other hand, newsboy caps have eight triangular panels joined together and sealed with a button. So, how do you go about picking the right flat caps? 

man with flat cap

Put a Cap on It: History of the Flat Cap

Style says a lot about you as a person. It is what helps others get to know you before they even converse with you. In recent years, flat caps have made a comeback. Not only are they perfect for wintertime, but they also give off a classic look for anyone. Compared to the fedora, it’s easier to pull off with any winter or spring fits. 

Fortunately, the flat cap has been around for a long time. Worn even back in the 17th century, this cap definitely takes the frontlines in classy styles of men’s hats. Until today, it continues to hold a staple air of sophistication when worn by modern men. 

Wearing Flat Caps the Right Way 

If you aim to wear a flat cap, you have to take your wardrobe into consideration. Here are a few tips to remember!

  1. Pattern the material of the hat with the material of your coat or jacket. Make sure that one is a solid color and the other is patterned, so they mesh well together. 
  2. Shape the brim based on your own comfort. Make sure it contours your face. 
  3. Do not wear flat caps backwards and in the summer. It is not the right look and season. 

Find the Right Flat Caps for You

It is undeniably somewhat of a challenge to find the right flat cap to suit your looks. But, the secret lies in identifying your face shape and what goes with it. To find the cap that gives you the perfect personality, just follow these steps! 

  1. Make sure you have the right head measure. Check out hat sizing guides or use a head measuring device for accuracy. 
  2. Ivy cap styles or flat caps with flat, smooth crowns over a short, hard brim are perfect for square, oval, and rectangular faces. 
  3. Smaller faces, such as round or triangular faces, look good with newsboy caps. Newsboy caps are flat caps with a higher panel construction that provides fuller looks. 

Overall, finding the perfect flat cap is no unattainable feat. While it may be challenging, don’t forget about the amount of headturns you shall get! Look classy and confident with the right flat cap for you. 

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