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How To Manage Stress

Do you have your stress under control? Or are your stress levels rising through the roof and threatening to take you along for the ride? Like most people, you have plenty of stress in your life. The key is to learn how to manage it so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Read on for some tips and tricks to try.

Eat Right

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You might wonder how eating right can help manage your stress. Think about what you feel like after you’ve eaten a big meal of fatty, greasy junk food. You’re sluggish and perhaps rather miserable. Your productivity can drop, and your stress levels rise accordingly. Replace that junk food, then, with healthy choices like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Avoid sugary drinks, too, for they can cause a stressful crash later, and limit your caffeine, especially if it makes you shaky. Drink water instead. When you eat better, you’ll feel better, and your stress will be easier to control.


Vinyasa Yoga

Regular exercise will also go a long way toward helping you manage your stress. When you work out, your brain releases chemicals that improve your mood. So exercise has a double benefit: physical fitness and a mental boost. Start slowly and simply if you haven’t exercised in a while. Even taking a walk to get moving is better than nothing. Make the commitment to exercise several times per week, and stick with it. You can build up gradually, adding activities and minutes to your routine. You’ll probably find that when you exercise, you leave the stress behind, at least for a while.

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Take a Break

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You should also learn to take a break when you’re especially stressed. Put down your work or your chores or whatever else that might be driving you crazy at the moment. Then step back and do something else. Pick up a favorite book, or put on a favorite television show. Call a friend to chat. Play a game, or work on a hobby. Just get away from whatever is raising your stress level.

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Use Some Techniques


If taking a break doesn’t work to calm you down, you might try some stress management techniques. Build up a “toolbox” full of them, and have them ready when the stress is too much to handle. You might prepare a playlist of calming music, for example, and try some music therapy. You could also learn guided breathing exercises or meditation to get the stress back under control.

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Get Help

Seek help for self

Finally, don’t hesitate to get help if the stress is threatening to overwhelm you and you aren’t doing well at managing it. You might talk to a counselor to get more ideas or even your doctor for some medical advice. If your stress is causing muscle pain or headaches, you could also go to a chiropractor for treatment and headache management techniques. Be open to trying suggestions. You might just find a better way to manage your stress.

Stress management isn’t always easy, but it is necessary if you’re going to stay healthy and maintain a good balance in your life.

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