10 tips to make your uniforms look trendy

For many years, uniforms were considered to be rather drab and boring. Most employees around the world who are required to wear uniforms for work find this true. 

However, this is not the case anymore, as many uniform providers are rising to this situation by attempting to liven up the designs of regular work uniforms and add more personality to them. 

Today’s uniform market is more than polyester polo shirts and school skirts and is filled with modernized uniforms that are designed to capture customer’s attention as well as to personify their brand’s identity. 

That’s right, today’s uniforms are no longer considered as just another workwear, but has become more of a brand’s identity in the form of elegance, style, and unique designs.

Recently, I came across one of the leading uniform providers in the USA, All Uniform Wear’s online uniform store, and went through their vast line of trendy uniforms. 

So, taking inputs from their product line, I came up with 10 tips that will help you in making your uniforms trendy.  

How to Make Your Uniform Trendy

1. Integrate statement pieces

As I mentioned above, the design of uniforms or their accessories no longer has to be limited to the confines of the older pattern. 

Today’s uniform designs have started being bold in terms of colors, patterns as well as additional statement pieces to complete the all-round attire. 

Statement pieces are especially a rage with the current fashion trends, making it a no brainer to include into your uniform ensemble. 

But what exactly is a statement piece, and how can one integrate it into a uniform?

For starters, a statement piece is an attractive piece of essential that gives the wearer a personality. For example, Blazers, Jackets, Earrings, Scarves, Purse, Watch, and many others. 

Integrating a statement piece into your uniforms is easier and more effective for brands in the airlines and hospitality industry. 

You may play with different colors, patterns, and accessories to take your uniform game to the next level. 


2. Keep it simple

If you or your brand is not one to make noise by integrating statement pieces and accessories, keeping it simple is always the best thing to do. 

While going minimal is a definite way to ensure nothing goes wrong, it’s also effective in making a statement about your brand and defining its voice. 

Many brands today choose minimalism as it gives their uniforms a chic and classy look. 

Uniforms or general apparel, being minimal and keeping it simple will never go out of style. Most healthcare organizations keep their uniforms or scrubs pretty simple and functional for their work. 

3. Go old school

As they say, fashion is a cycle, that keeps repeating itself. What is now a trend will go out of fashion to only be rediscovered few years down the line. 

In a similar way, older fashion and clothing trends keep popping up in the current fashion world from time to time. 

So, you may try something similar with your uniforms by taking inspiration from retro fashion trends like from the 90s. 

Some examples are using bold colors, checks, or hints of athletic wear.

4. One item as uniform

This is a growing trend these days. Using a single item like a shirt or jacket as a uniform. 

Featuring just one item as a uniform is both stylish as well as economical for companies. 

However, make sure that the single item you are planning to use as a uniform is unique and striking.

5. Footwear

Most companies while choosing a uniform, miss out on picking up the right footwear or do not consider it altogether. 

Similar to clothing and accessories, footwear must also be considered while choosing a uniform. 

In addition to providing functionality, it completes the uniform and is considered an asset for it. 

That being said, choosing the right footwear is also important. It depends on the industry you are in. 

One safe option is to integrate a good brand of trainers into the uniforms as it can never go wrong. While it gives a retro look to your complete attire, it also adds comfort to your hectic workday. 

6. Use the right texture

Enhance the look and feel of your uniforms by choosing the right texture to go along with them. 

Most people do not find it necessary to add textures to uniforms, however, it goes a long way in adding that subtle class and elegance to the overall attire. 

Using textures in uniforms is also one of the ongoing trends. You may choose some of the trending fabrics like linen, leather, or even wool. 

7. Provide personalization

While uniforms are the same for all your employees, you can still allow them to add a bit of personalization by having their names embroidered into their uniforms. 

While this is a unique touch, it also helps in boosting trust, especially in the healthcare and hospitality industries. 

Many uniform providers these days are leveraging this option by integrating designer tools in their online uniform stores. 

8. Take inputs from staff

One of the best and effective ways to ensure you are doing it right in picking the perfect uniform design is by taking inputs from the staff. 

As the uniform needs to be worn consistently and must not hinder day-to-day activities, it is best to take feedback from the staff and integrate it into the design. 

While this will ensure the functionality is intact, you will also get design inputs that can change the look of your uniform for good, while ensuring the wearer likes it. 

9. Keep refreshing your uniforms

While it is one thing to choose the right uniform, it is also important that you keep refreshing or changing bits of your uniform every 12 months. 

This ensures that you phase out aspects of your uniform that is no longer in fashion and include new ones. 

Doing so will also keep the team interested and motivated at work. 

You may also want to completely redo your uniform every 3-4 years. 

10. Pick the right uniform store

Now, following any or all of the above tips can be a daunting task especially if you are starting from scratch. 

An easy and effective way to solve that problem is by picking the right uniform store that already has a plethora of uniform collections that already has included the above tips into their styling. 

All you have to do is go through the existing collection of uniforms and pick the right one for your organization or for yourself. 

All the types of uniforms that are mentioned above are available at the All Uniform Wear store. They provide professional and trendy uniforms with custom embroidery services across many industries like healthcare, hospitality, industrial, and public safety. 

Go on, take a look and choose your perfect uniform.

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