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8 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

People fall in love hoping to stay together for the rest of their lives. Even after people get married to their loved ones, we see some of them getting separated over time. It is difficult to find true love, but when you find one, it is important to nourish and stick to your love. 

Couples counseling could save many relationships from breaking down. Do you know that around 3000 new divorce-related cases are filed in India every day? If you don’t want to be one of them, follow these tips to make your relationship healthy and long-lasting.

How to Keep a Happy and Healthy Relationship?

keep a healthy relationship

1. Be honest

You should remember that your partner is your better half. Hiding truths from your partner or doing some important thing without their notice may result in conflicts. Hiding some truths from your partner might cause trust issues. 

In some cases, this is one of the major reasons for divorce and breakups. No matter how hard the truth might be, share it with your partner and give them time to understand and accept the situations. This will build trust between the partners and will lead to long-lasting relations. 

2. Take mutual decisions

You should realize that all your investments and earnings are for the welfare of each other. Taking individual decisions without consulting your partner might make them feel unwanted. This is also a sign of dominance.

It is advised to sit together, discuss the situations, and then take decisions. This will improve understanding between the partners.

3. Communicate

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. Though you both love each other, do not expect your partner to know everything about you. Your partner can only understand when you speak openly and clearly with them. 

Talk about your likes, dislikes, and speak with them openly if something is bothering you. This will help in sorting things in an easier way. Also, it will let your partner know you better. 

4. Spend time with each other

This is one of the most important things for a strong relationship. Though both of you are striving for the betterment of your lives, it is much more necessary to check on each other. 

Spending time need not necessarily be fancy dates, you can take some time and make dinner together or do at home exercises together. This improves your bond. Spending quality time is one way to nourish your love, this will also let you have many sweet memories together. 


5. Support each other

You should understand that your partner also has dreams just like you. It is the responsibility of everybody to support their partners in fulfilling their goals and dreams. Support is the main key to a healthy relationship. 

You should realize that your partner’s success is your success too. Be their biggest cheerleader. Not just in their careers, also on their bad days. Emotional support is also important for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. 

6. Respect each other 

Not harming your partner physically is not the only sign of respect. Respect should be shown in your actions. Having trust and believing them is also respect. The way you talk about your partner with your friend, and how you defend your partner says a lot about your bond. 

Appreciating and accepting your partner as a whole is a way to show respect. Partners who respect each other tend to have stronger bonds.

7. Do not Dominate 

You should realize that your partner is a complete individual. They have their own freedom and thinking.

Don’t force your partner to do something they don’t like. Also don’t expect your partner to always follow your words. Remember you are a couple, not a boss and an employee.  

Understand your partner’s emotions and feelings. Give them their own freedom to choose and work as per their wish.

8. Learn to forgive and compromise 

You have to understand that nobody is perfect. Your partner may also make a few mistakes. It is important to forgive your partner to keep the relationship going. Don’t focus on winning an argument. Also, learn to compromise on a few things to have a healthy relationship.

Every relationship is different. You have to put your part to keep the relationship going. If you still feel there are disturbances, it is advised to go for couple counseling. 

Couple counseling will help you clear the disturbances and restart your relationship. Sometimes the situations may become very complex, that you might need some expert to sort it out. True love is very hard to find,  but when you find one give them a second chance. 

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