4 Tips to Getting Real Estate Listings Without Cold Calling

For realtors, getting real estate listings is the goal.

But, this is a challenging task. Not everyone can pull this off right away.

Many aspiring realtors are unaware of this, thinking that acquiring clients and listings can be done in just a blink of an eye.

Given this, there are several strategies that real estate agents can try, which are not always limited to traditional marketing tactics such as cold calling.

Yet, what is cold calling, and why has it become the “not-so-favored” scheme of realtors.

What is cold calling?

In the simplest definition, cold calling means reaching out to individuals who are not initially interested in your business. During this call, you try to persuade them to try or purchase the products or services you offer.

Is it relevant for realtors? 

The quick answer is yes. Realtors love cold calling. Somehow, it is their bread and butter back in the old days.

However, as everyone goes digital, realtors have also utilized different platforms to connect with leads and possible customers.

Yet, this does not make cold calling obsolete. It is still a relevant sales tool for most realtors, even if almost everyone goes digital.

In fact, if you know how to do cold calling, you always have the advantage of getting listings all the time.

But what if you are not a fan of cold calling?

Well, do not stress yourself out!

Here are four tips that can get you real estate listings without making any calls.

How To Get Real Estate Listings

Showcase your works on social media

Social media is powerful. It works in every possible way to reach people who want to sell their homes and put online listings.

Instead of spending money on phone bills, why don’t you just spend your budget on promoting your social media profiles on platforms with huge followers?

Keep in your mind the “show and tell” principle when dealing with your prospective clients.

Moreover, be consistent, focused, and optimistic. Do not do hard selling right away and try to include a personal touch.

Revisit old listings

If you have some old listings that are not yet sold, try rechecking them and make some changes.

You can begin by changing the old images or videos to new ones. Get the help of professional photo editors in your area to ensure you get the perfect photos.

Target FSBO listings

FSBO stands for “For Sale By Owner” units or homes.

If you want to have a constant pool of possible listings, it is best if you know where to find FSBO listings.

FSBO listings become your savior when you do not have new listings to add but would still want to have an endless number of live listings to continue the business.

Do not ditch unfurnished units

If you think that unfurnished homes will not give you any good, then you are wrong.

You should not disregard that these kinds of units can help you close sales by just doing some minimal modifications such as doing virtual staging to make the space look nice and enticing.


Cold calling is not the only thing that you can do if you are trying to close a real estate deal. The advancements in technology are all useful tactics you can use to fully utilize the benefits of online marketing.

The question now is this: Are you willing to leverage your career by using the tips you learned? Or, are you going to stick with traditional marketing through cold calling?

The choice is yours. But, if you would like to hear a recommendation, then go and follow the latest tips in real estate marketing.

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