How to get in shape? 7 Tips For Busy Women.

Whenever you think about getting in shape, the only topic where your mind may focuses on; is workout.

Yes! They are a very good source for you to keep your soul in shape. But the time has changed now; you don’t get enough time to go to a gym or yoga class.

Nowadays everyone is so busy in today’s life and especially for the women who are looking after their kids and doing jobs to light the stoves of their house. According to the Health Survey for England in 2016, 42% of women are not hitting the aerobic exercise targets, and even more, 77% are not doing enough strengthening activity. 

Although workout are necessities of life if you are not practicing any of them, so don’t be worried, like everything has its alternatives and possibilities in this world we have here several tips so you can easily stay in shape in tight schedule.

7 Tips For Busy Women To Get In Shape

Bedtime stretches

10 Minute Yoga Before Bed

Stretching has a lots of benefits. It not only help increasing your flexibility and relaxing your muscles, but also improve your posture. Imbalance muscle causes incorrect posture which lead to bad body shape.
If you are too tired and busy to go gym room after work, we suggest you can try Bedtime stretches. Doing stretching before bed helps you relief your pressure after the whole day work and sleep better. What you need to do is just staying on bed, and do some gentle stretching/yoga pose. Only spend 5~10 mins everyday and you can feel the difference.

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At Home Workout

Best ads workouts for women

If you are busying with taking care of kids or you have an unpredictable work schedule that make you unable go to gym regularly, at home workouts is the best solution for you. The benefits of exercising at home are no time and space limitation. You can do it anytime, everywhere in you private space.

There are different types of workout that you can try. For example, a Full body HIIT workout, it requires no equipment but it is a quick and easy way to burn fat and build muscle. You can also add some home gym equipment in you exercise like exercise ball , resistance band and dumbbell to help to increase the variation of your workouts.

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Proper Meal

proper meal for keep fit
proper meal for keep fit

Many women think that staying hungry for days will help them keep their body in shape and if you are thinking of the same then you are thinking wrong.

Staying hungry will only result in keeping your immune system weak. So you don’t have to skip your meal, just eat whenever you feel hungry and try to eat healthy food, not junk food.

Fruits and vegetables are the best thing to eat when getting into shape, they don’t contain any fats and very low amount of calories. Have a cup of detox tea at night before going to bed.

Walking / Jogging

walking to keep in shape

Walking / Jogging is also a workout that without time limitation that suitable for busy woman who has an unstable schedule.

Always prefer a walk over the vehicle for small distances. Walking/Jogging can help you lose weight; maintain the amount of sugar and pressure of blood in your body.

It can help you stay in shape and sometimes causes cramps in your legs. If your legs stay in motion then there will be a low risk of having cramps in your legs.

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Wearing the right costumes

Wearing the right bra to keep in shape
Wearing the right bra to keep in shape

Staying in shape isn’t always about eating the right food and other physical body fitness, but it is also about what you always wear. Most of the complaints of women are about their breast shape and size. They try home remedies that don’t work. Wearing the right bra is also more important. Have you heard of the Gentle Bra? Yes, the Gentle bra is a new revolution in the Bra industry. There are many features and benefits of wearing it. It can fix your bad posture. It can keep you slim from the side and back. Furthermore, it gives your breast an extra lift and a push-up look.

Be Careful Of Drinks

Most of the office ladies are used to order a drink when they are having lunch/after lunch. In fact, most of the drinks contain too much sugar, calories, fats and other artificial flavours which might make you gain weight. Everybody knows that it is hard to leave any habit, but you should try at least once. Try to switch yourself from sugar-free drinks or plain water. If you find the taste of water a bit dull, add some chopped lemon to give it a bit of flavour.

Adjust Your Sleep Routine

sleeping for keeping in shape

According to the study, if you always lack of sleep, it will affect fat metabolism. When you sleep, your body starts to recover and adjust itself. However, if your body don’t have enough time to recover, your hormones will become imbalance. Hormonal imbalances will affect your fat burning function.

On the other hands, if you stay too long in bed, change your routine. According to the research, a maximum of 6 hours out of 24 hours is enough for a person to sleep and rest. Staying for long in bed won’t help you get in shape. Although sleeping too much is a sign of a mental disorder. Studies have shown that sleeping too long each night can increase the risk of diabetes.

In a Nutshell

Many women think that, to stay in shape they need to go for a proper yoga class or gym. Yes, it is true, but modern women are so busy with their lives, always left from having a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t that unfair? Everybody has the right to stay in shape and live a healthy life. So here on this topic, we have some tips for busy women so that they can stay in shape.

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