How to Find the Perfect Beach Towels

Summer is here, which means you can now enjoy going to the beach and soaking up the sun. While a lazy day at the beach is fun, it is essential to ensure that all of your beach accessories are good to go so that you can get your perfect tan in peace! 

However, when shopping for beach gear, it is crucial to consider which beach towel you should buy. You can find towels specifically designated for a trip to the beach on websites such as Wovii.

Selecting the Perfect Beach Towel

Have you ever ended up on the beach with a towel that was too small, not absorbent enough, or felt scratchy on the skin? Many people go through these issues when they do not put much thought into their beach towels. 

A good quality towel from brands such as Wovii, can help you transform your beach trips! Hence, you need to start paying more attention to what you should look for when buying a towel for the beach.

Absorption Ability

The absorption quality of the towel is essential when visiting the beach. After all, you are likely to get a lot of water on it and would not want to end up sitting on a damp and wet mess for hours. 

Generally, the most absorbent material for towels is referred to as Thick Terry. It is not only highly absorbent but soft and comfortable as well. Egyptian and Turkish varieties of cotton are quite comfortable and absorbent as well.

Comfort Level

Lying on a beach towel as you sip on a cold drink, read a book or soak up the sun is vital for a successful beach trip. Hence, your beach towel should also be comfortable! Nothing can be worse than ending up trying to stay comfortable on a rough or itchy towel, unable to relax during your day off. 

Cotton is generally considered to offer the most comfort, as it is a breathable material. Velour is the preferred material when you want a comfortable towel as it has a tight weave and is made of 100% cotton. However, while it may be comfortable, it has a low absorption ability.


Depending on what you plan to do at the beach and how many people tag along with you, the towel’s size matters greatly. To lay comfortably on the beach, you will want a large towel not to need to get too close to the gritty sand. If you plan to spend more time in the water or have a sun lounger, then carrying a smaller-sized towel may be enough.

Design and Colour

While it is not crucial, the design and colour of the towel matter and selecting your beach accessories. Though a towel is necessary for the beach, it should not mean that you end up with a boring towel! When you are flaunting your cute beachwear, why not flaunt your stylish towels as well? If you have the option to select a good quality towel that is stylish as well, what could be better than that?

Planning a trip to the beach is always exciting, but don’t leave your packing until the last moment! Beach accessories are crucial to ensure that you have a fun day at the beach with your friends or family.

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