How to Find Inspiration as an Upcoming Artist

As an upcoming artist, finding inspiration can be a challenge. You may have limited resources and have to be creative with what you do have. You don’t need the most expensive tools or materials – all you need is your unique vision, dedication, and willingness to explore different sources of inspiration. Below are some tips on how to find inspiration as an upcoming artist.

1. Look Within Yourself

One of the best sources of inspiration is often you. Reflect on your experiences, memories, emotions, and thoughts to get ideas for new art pieces. Think about things that matter to you, what drives your passions, and how you want to express these feelings through your art. Use this personal connection to create something unique and meaningful that will resonate with others.

When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, take a break from your work and focus on yourself. Meditate, spend time in nature, and practice yoga or mindfulness. All these activities can unlock the creative flow within you and bring new ideas for artwork to the surface.

2. Your Surroundings

Another great source of inspiration is the world around you. Visit museums and galleries to get close to some amazing works of art. Read books, watch documentaries and listen to podcasts that introduce you to different cultures, stories, perspectives, and ways of creating art. This will provide you with an endless pool of resources that can help fuel your imagination in producing something unique.

Take walks outdoors and observe the beauty of nature. Absorb textures, colors, and shapes that occur in nature – trees, rocks, clouds, plants, and animals – to bring something truly original into your artwork.

You can also explore digital sources of inspiration, such as websites, blogs, or social media accounts related to art or the artwork you’re creating. Look for trends and ideas from other artists that could help you find inspiration for new pieces.

3. Collaborate With Other Artists

A great way to get inspired is by collaborating with other artists. Working together is a great way to share ideas, skills, and resources and come up with something new. Whether painting a mural on a wall, doing an art exchange, or just bouncing ideas off each other – getting creative with others can be fun and inspiring!

Reach out to local artists in your community and see if there are any upcoming projects you can collaborate on. Doing so will create new connections, opening up more inspiration opportunities.


4. Art Galleries and Exhibitions

The most inspiring art pieces are often found in galleries and exhibitions. Galleries like the Jackson Hole art galleries offer you the opportunity to view some of the best artwork from all around the world. This is a great chance to explore different styles, techniques, and concepts you may have never seen before.

Attending an art exhibition also allows you to meet other artists, network with potential clients, and learn about upcoming opportunities in your industry. All of this can be incredibly helpful in finding inspiration for your work. Lastly, don’t forget to take photos and save any artwork that stands out to you – the more reference material, the better.

5. Take Risks and Experiment

Trying something new can help you discover something that you never knew you were capable of. Experimenting with different materials, techniques, perspectives, and concepts could open up a new world of possibilities for inspiration.

Don’t worry about making mistakes or being criticized by others. Instead, focus on exploring the creative process and allow yourself to make mistakes. The more risks you take, the more likely you’ll find something unique.

6. Take Classes or Workshops

Taking a class or attending a workshop can also be an excellent way to find inspiration as an upcoming artist. Doing so will allow you to learn from experienced professionals who have mastered the art of creation and can provide guidance on making your work stand out among the rest.

Classes and workshops are also great opportunities to ask questions and get feedback from other artists. Not only will this help with finding inspiration, but it’s also a great chance to network and build relationships that could potentially lead to more creative opportunities.


Finding inspiration as an upcoming artist can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. By exploring different resources, collaborating with other artists, and experimenting with new techniques, you’ll soon find yourself overflowing with ideas. Don’t forget to also look within yourself for creative fuel – your life experiences can also be a great source of inspiration. With these tips in mind, you’ll soon discover the creative spark that will help take your artwork to new heights.

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