How to Do Makeup for Rainy Days

Makeup is often underestimated as a vanity product, but it is also a tool that can highlight your self-confidence. Makeup doesn’t necessarily need to be a forty-step extensive routine. Something as simple as a lip tint has the power to make you confident and bolder.  

And hence, makeup is the best way to bring out the best versions of yourself, whether it be going for a corporate meeting or out with friends to a mystery room bangalore. However, rainy days could be your worst enemy when it comes to makeup. Patchy lines and product drips can ruin your look in an instant. Though waterproof makeup can protect your face, after a point, it also starts to drain out.  

So, what’s the solution? Well, some of these tips might just do the trick for you! 

Tips for doing Makeup for Rainy Days 

To prevent all the smudging lip color, patchy foundation, and dripping eyeliners, we have prepared for you a list of tips that would help your makeup to stay intact: 

1. Moisturizer: 

Moisturizing is one of the most important parts of doing makeup. A well-moisturized skin helps the makeup to rest better on the face. Even when the weather is humid, one must moisturize the skin to prevent it from getting dry. But you must use a moisturizer that is water-based so that it absorbs oil.  

2. Use powders: 

Powder-based makeup products are your best friend during the monsoon. One must avoid cream-based products as they can drip out and ruin your makeup. Instead of applying too much foundation or concealer, go with a powder to give a matte effect. Powders also help to absorb sweat and thus, prevent it from drenching out. You can also go ahead with a primer before applying the makeup to give a more finished look. 

3. Make it all about the Primer: 

As discussed in the previous point, a primer can help you go a long way for long-lasting makeup. Take a waterproof primer, and simply dab it on your face for a smoother look. This will ensure that the makeup stays on your face for longer and gives you a fine look. 

4. Lip tints are your savior: 

Lip tints that are more on soft matte, pink shade, or are soft browns are a great choice to go with this season. Avoid going for a glossy look or cream lipsticks; instead, opt for more finished lips with tints. An additional tip would be to use lip tints as blush. 

5. Emphasize making the look dewier: 

Matte looks are always great but not at the cost of them getting washed away at the start of the day. When it’s humid outside, go with a tinted balm or moisturizer and embrace the shiny look. This will give you great coverage and will protect your makeup from getting washed. 

6. Be ready to touch up: 

Rainy seasons can be a nightmare if you don’t have a proper touch-up product in your bag. Before you leave for the day, make sure to put some products like Q-tips, wipes, anti-humidity spray, and blender sponges in your bag. This will ensure that you can fix your makeup whenever it gets even a bit runny. 

7. For the eyes: 


When it comes to the eyes, instead of going with heavy glitter looks, try to go with subtle eye looks. One of the biggest ruins faced by makeup lovers is when the mascara starts to run down the cheek. To prevent this massacre from happening, opt for waterproof mascara and go a bit lesser this time. Also, use a tint or a lighter eyeshadow for the eyes. 

8. Moisturizing mask for the nights: 

Rainy days can have a devastating effect on your skin and dry it out. And hence, the best solution to this is by using a great moisturizing mask before you go to bed. This will make sure that your face looks more hydrated and beautiful all the time. You can also put an extra moisturizer at night and rub it all in before sleeping.  

9. Skip the bronzer: 

The sun-kissed and tanned look works better only during the summer weather. The rainy season is sticky weather, and so tanning down your face would only make you look duller. And hence, it is best to stick to a creamy blush and avoid any obvious marks on your face. 

10. Finish off with a Setting Spray: 

A setting spray is a perfect way to end your makeup routine for this rainy season. As we know, the rainy season requires more and more moisturization; hence, a setting spray is a perfect way to make your look effortless and put together. It not just sets your whole face but also gives you an additional touch-up.  



These tips can help you bring out the best makeup results even during the rainy season. One additional tip: less makeup on higher humidity days will last you longer. So, pick the essential products as per your preference, and stick to a minimalistic look that will be easier to maintain. 

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