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How To Combine Traditional And Modern Design In Your Apartment

There are some people who, when it comes to interior design, prefer exclusively vintage everything. After all, something is charming in using cinematic-rich pieces of furniture to make your home stand out. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer the easy modernity and functionality of the modern design. Both of them are right; however, the easiest way to find a balance is to combine both traditional and modern design elements. That way, you’ll be able to keep the base functionality of your apartment, while still adding a bit of character with vintage decor pieces. So, for that reason, here are some tips to show you how to do it.

Start with your bathroom 

That’s right; your bathroom might be a perfect place to start experimenting with this unique blend of modern and classic. If you’re a lover of all things vintage, then you can install a claw-foot tub that is definitely rich and opulent, but for more comfort, feel free to get modern faucets, so your bathing experience will be delightful. Additionally, if you prefer modern designs in your bathroom, you can install a freestanding tub, as that is a sure way to make your bathroom feel fresh and up-to-date.

Artwork plays an important role

Blending modern and traditional designs can be challenging, so the artwork is such a great way to practice this. Classic-looking artwork is often characterized by heavy frames and oil paintings, while modern art can act as an excellent connection to bring all styles together. For example, making a unique gallery wall combined with different elements is a lovely idea that will make your space look unique and stunning. 

Don’t neglect the importance of rugs

Rugs can surely beautify the space; however, it’s essential to choose the right size and color, so your space will look well-balanced and elegant. In many countries, from India and Iran to New Zealand and Turkey, rugs play an important role. Nowadays, rugs come in different patterns, shapes and colors, so you base your choice on other decor elements in the room. For example, if you prefer the clean, sleek and monochromatic design, choosing a patterned rug from the collection of rugs from NZ will surely add a sense of wholeness and stylishness to your space. If you love combining more rugs in one room, feel free to do so; make sure to choose patterns and colors that will directly complement each other.

Pay attention to the furniture 

Furniture plays a crucial role in determining the house’s final look. So, be sure to select all pieces especially the desks carefully, knowing they all have a special place in your home. Traditional, old-fashioned furniture has become more popular among the Pinterest crowd; however, if you want to opt for that, it’s important to upholster it to look fresh and functional. Modern furniture is more practical in that regard, and combining these two will definitely spruce up your home. The best way to blend such different furniture pieces is to find something that will tie them together, such as colorful patterned pillows. Going for mid-century decor is a nice way to try something new and bring eccentric vibes of the first half of the 20th century to your home. 

Light fixtures matter a great deal 

Light fixtures aren’t only functional, but they’re also a way to decorate your space and breathe a new life into it. If you love contrasting elements, you can add modern light fixtures to one room and something more traditional. If you have archways, you can opt for some retro lighting fixtures because such spaces are perfect for this type’s glamour.

Colours are your friends 

Colors make this world a better place, so of course, your home deserves some pops of color to shine in its all beauty. Plus, adding some unusual pops of color here and there will help when combining classic and modern decor elements. Choosing an accent wall is a perfect illustration of this because if you do that, you’re actually transforming your room to look more original and innovative. That way, contrasting different decor pieces and furniture will be easier to pull off.

In conclusion 

Decorating the space isn’t an easy task, and it definitely requires some careful planning. Choosing to mix and match vintage and modern design in your space is a great way to bring the old days’ glamour and then contrast it with some latest, sleek pieces. These efforts will surely make our apartment look well-decorated and genuine, which should also be your ultimate goal. 

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