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How to Create a Succulent Arrangement for Your Home?

Are you getting bored during quarantine? A great way to have fun at home and to improve your interior décor can be accomplished by creating a succulent arrangement.

A succulent arrangement is a great thing to do right now because it will allow you to have fun, be imaginative, and create something beautiful for your home.

In this article I will outline all of the things you need to do to successfully create a succulent arrangement that will both thrive and look beautiful in your home.

5 Steps to Create a Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Arrangement
Source Succulent Arrangement

1. Plant your Succulents in the Correct Potting Mix

The first thing to do when preparing to create your own succulent arrangement is to purchase a well-draining potting mix. You will need a well-draining potting mix because succulents prefer a soil that does not hold onto that much water.

Succulents are plants that love dry arid climates. For this reason, if succulents are placed in a loamy or clayey soil that retains water then their roots will begin to rot.

A well-draining soil will ensure that not too much water stays in the soil. This ensures that succulents will be able to receive an adequate amount of air and the proper nutrients from its soil.

To find a potting mix that is well draining just go to your local retail store and purchase a soil or potting mix that says that it is well draining.

2. Buy a Pot for Your Arrangement

The second thing to do when creating your own succulent arrangement is to buy a pot that has drainage holes.

Buying a pot that has drainage holes is important because this is how your well-draining soil will be able to get rid of excess water.

If there is no drainage hole in your pot then when watering your succulent arrangement water will  begin to accumulate at the bottom of your pot. This will cause your succulent to rot.

3. Buy Succulent Cuttings

The third thing to do when creating your own succulent arrangement is to buy succulents. When buying your succulents, you can choose to purchase succulents that are already rooted or succulent cuttings.

I would recommend that you buy succulent cuttings because they are much cheaper than already rooted succulents. For the sake of this example, I will go off of the fact that we are using succulent cuttings to create this hypothetical succulent arrangement for your home.

4. Create Your Succulent Arrangement

After buying your succulent cuttings, purchasing your well-draining succulent soil, and buying a pot with drainage holes it is finally time to create your succulent arrangement.

When creating your succulent arrangement there are really no rules to follow. Simply create an arrangement of succulents that looks great to you and the style of your home. You can also seek the advise from the tree and plant experts in Louisville if you want some great ideas.

To further decorate your succulent arrangement, you can choose to use either gravel or sand to cover the soil of your succulent arrangement. This is not necessary, but it adds a design element to your succulent arrangement that is attractive. The only important thing to remember is to push the stem of your succulent cuttings into the soil.

5. Properly Care for Your Succulent Arrangement

After planting your succulent arrangement with succulent cuttings, it is important to remember to not water your arrangement. This is because your succulent cuttings will need time to root in their current soil before being watered.

Wait at least two weeks to water your succulent arrangement or until you are able to slightly pull on one of your planted succulent cuttings and it does not release itself from the soil.

After your succulent arrangement is fully rooted and watered for the first time, then you’re done! You will now have a beautiful succulent arrangement to add to your home that is personalized to your home.

The only thing to do after is to remember to follow the proper ways to care for your succulent arrangement.

It is important to only water your succulent when the soil is completely dry. Feel the soil of your succulent arrangement. If there is any moisture in the soil whatsoever then wait to water your succulent arrangement.

Now here is where things get a little tricky. Ultimately succulent care is incredibly easy. Just water your succulents when the soil is dry and you will be fine.

But if you want your succulents to be as healthy and colorful as possible it is important to follow this last rule. Like I said before succulents enjoy a dry environment.

Weirdly succulents thrive off of stress and neglect. Because of this when the soil of your succulent arrangement is dry, it is best to wait to water and allow your soil to go through a dry period.

This last part is tricky because letting your succulent go through a dry period for too long will kill it, and allowing you succulent to go through just enough drought will allow it to develop insanely vibrant colors.

Well there you have it! Simply follow these 5 steps and you will have a beautiful succulent arrangement to decorate your home.

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