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How to Clean and Protect Marble Top Dining Table and Chairs?

When all is said and done, just about everyone wants a certain touch of luxury and sophistication in their home – at least for those special occasions when there’s a big family gathering, or you’re hosting an important and formal event such as a wedding reception.

Out of all the different items of furniture that can really make your dining room seem to come to life, and that can create a timeless and powerful sense of luxury and beauty, a marble dining table and chairs are hard to beat, to say the very least.

There are many benefits to having a marble top table among the items of furniture in your living room. For one thing, they are relatively easy to maintain, in the sense that they don’trequire oiling and sanding like a traditional wood table would.

For another thing, they tend to be fairly robust in a sense, and – as long as you don’t knock them over or drop a heavy pot on them – they may well outlast you, and serve an excellent role as family heirlooms, down the line.

Of course, however, if you’re going to own a marble dining table and chairs, it’s important to know how to properly clean and protect them.


3 Tips to Clean Marble table and Chairs

Cleaning marble table

Here are a handful of suggestions.

Have a daily cleaning routine in place

Often, with dining tables, they will rarely actually be perfectly “clear,” and will instead have certain ornaments and useful items – such as placemats and coasters – on them more or less constantly.

It may even be that your dining room table features ornaments that are difficult to move around in a hurry, such as heavy candelabra, and so on.

All the same, if you have a marble dining room table, it’simportant to maintain a basic daily cleaning routine, in order to reduce the risk of staining, scuffing, or other forms of damage occurring and affecting the marble.

For this reason, it’s best to reduce the number of difficult-to-move and semi-permanent ornaments and other accessories that you leave on the table day in and day out.

Your daily cleaning routine for the table can be as straightforward as dusting it off with a dust mop, and gently wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Allowing food, dust, and other debris to settle on the table and build up incrementally, is not a good way of protecting it over a prolonged period of time.

Use mild cleaning agents that avoid abrasive chemicals and colourings

Marble, unfortunately, can be easily stained or subtly damaged by the strong cleaning agents that you might use in other areas of the home.

Generally speaking, the cleaning agents that you use on your marble table should be as neutral and gentle as possible. You should also avoid any colourings or strong scents.

Go for pH neutral cleaning products, and especially emphasise those which are marketed as being “mild.” If you can find products that are specifically marketed for use with marble, and that also meet these other requirements, all the better.

Cleanup spillages immediately (and try to avoid them in the first place)

Marble stains, and once your marble table is stained, there’soften a limited amount you can do about it other than embrace the extra character of the item of furniture from that point.

Spilling a glass of wine, splashing some sauce from your meal, and other such things, can very quickly and seriously stain your marble surface, so your first priority should really be to avoid allowing these stains and spillages to occur in the first place, to the best of your ability.

One simple thing to do in this regard, is to ensure that you use placemats and coasters.

All the same, you will very likely spill things from time to time, or at least drop small particles of food on the table. When this occurs, you should clean them up as quickly as possible to avoid any lasting impact.

Be careful about the amount of weight you put on the table

Certain stains on a marble table can be treated, but there is no good solution for cracking or breaking the table outright.

Marble tables are generally not designed to handle heavy loads, and are often thin as well – both because of the weight involved, and also because of the cost of the marble itself.

Ideally, the only things on the table other than light ornaments should be the plates of food, and beverages of yourself and the other people who are eating.

Heavy iron pots and things like that should be left on a nearby sideboard, or on the kitchen counter.

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