How to Choose the Right Skincare Products to Sell in Your Spa

People go to spas for various reasons: to get a massage and undergo other treatments that help them relax. Individuals also frequent these facilities for self-care and to feel beautiful and look younger and healthier.

With so many people going to spas to get treatments to look better, if you own such a facility, you will do well to consider selling some skincare products on the side.

By retailing skin care products in your spa, you’ll have an additional stream of income. This, in turn, can give your business a financial boost.

Selecting the Best Skincare Line for Your Spa

With various brands and products to choose from, selecting the best ones to sell in your spa can pose some challenges. After all, not all skincare merchandise is the same. Brands and products differ in price and quality.  

When you engage in retail for the first time, the last thing you want to happen is to invest in products that you are not sure will give you the ROI you are expecting.

To avoid this situation, follow these tips to choose the best advanced skincare products to retail in your spa:

1. Do some market research.

An essential step to take when planning to retail skincare products for the first time is to find out what your competitors are selling. Find out what products other spas in your area are selling. Additionally, go online to find out what brands and items consumers are buying.

Also, take the time to ask your loyal customers what brands and products they use. Create a simple questionnaire and have them answer it while they are waiting for their appointment.

You can also send this questionnaire to your loyal clients and other people in your database by email. Once you have a list of the popular skincare lines and items, think about whether it would be best to offer the same or completely different merchandise.

Offering products that are popular among consumers ensure you have a ready market. However, it is also worth considering selling items that the minority or some customers are interested in and are already making waves in other countries. By offering something different, you will distinguish your spa from your competitors. And with the right pricing and marketing strategies, you can expect customers to purchase your skincare products

2. Understand your clientele.

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Knowing who your customers and what their needs are is an essential step you have to take when you want to get into retail. Start by knowing your current, most loyal clients. Take note of their ages, sex, and the treatments they often get.

Keep in mind that age is a vital element since it is a factor that people consider in their skincare regimen. If your regular customers are middle-aged and older, make sure you carry anti-aging products from established brands.

If any of your clients are on the younger side, you won’t go wrong with selling skincare brands that target the young population and focus on maintaining youthful skin. If your clients are mostly female, a skincare brand created for women will work well. If your spa also gets male customers regularly, consider introducing products that would work for them, too.

Lastly, consider your location. If the weather is sunny and warm all year round or if you are near a beach, selling skincare products with sun protection is a smart idea.

When you have a clear understanding of your clients, you will be able to narrow down your options more efficiently and choose the best ones to have in your spa.  

3. Take an evidence-based approach when choosing your final products.

Regardless of the skincare products you offer, make sure you choose ones that are proven safe and effective.

Research the brand and their products thoroughly. Look for evidence that they give the results that they promise. Take note of how long the skincare brand has been around. Also, find out where they are based, source the ingredients, and manufacture their products.

Aside from perusing articles published by the brand and third-party reviews, read posts and comments made by customers who’ve used them. Take into consideration everything you read and be thorough in separating the fluff from the fact.

4. Look into the support you will get from the brand and supplier.

Since you are selling skincare products for the first time, you will need plenty of help throughout the whole retailing process.

Find out what kind of help you will get from the brand or supplier. You and your spa will benefit greatly if the company provides product knowledge training, continuing education, and marketing and branding assistance.

Additionally, brands with representatives checking in with you to provide guidance and support are always worth working with.

Also, evaluate the kind of customer support you can get. Interact with the customer care team by phone, chat, or email to find out how knowledgeable and attentive the representatives are.

Lastly, you will do well to check all the fees you have to pay once you choose the skincare products you want to sell. Some companies require a minimum amount when you open an account with them or on your first order.

Some companies offer free shipping while others do not. Consider these terms since they can affect your bottom-line.

With the right skincare products and marketing strategy, your spa can have another stream of income. Moreover, you will have another selling point that will set you apart from your competition.


Elias Chabtini is the Founder and CEO of Medica Group, a leader in providing complete beauty solutions for medical aesthetic clinics, dentists and beauty aesthetic centers, setting high standards and providing high-quality products. Chabtini is renowned for his international leadership and expertise in non-invasive cosmetic surgery, and his 20 years of experience and consumer-centered practices have placed him as one of the 100 Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East by

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