6 Things That Make A Man Attractive

What man doesn’t dream of being attractive? In fact, this is the wish of many guys out there. And those who imagine that, to achieve a good result, it is necessary to venture into the world of aesthetic procedures, change your personality or simply parade through the streets with a very expensive car are mistaken.

Far from it! Recently, science has given us some good alternatives. With studies and experiments, specialists were able to discover behaviors and traits capable of making an individual be considered charming and interesting to women.

We’ve already got ahead: all of this may be much easier to achieve than you might think. So, how about taking the time to find out what these “scientific tricks” are and how they should be applied in everyday life?

Just check out our post, write down the tips and rock out there!

Tips For Men To Look More Attractive

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1. A “bad boy face” makes a man more attractive

If you believed that to conquer women it was necessary to keep a “tidy up” look, know that you are wrong. According to specialists at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, the female public really likes boys with a “bad boy” appearance, that is, with a “bad guy”. 

But nothing to despair! It is not necessary to go through a huge transformation to achieve this look. A simple but effective secret is to grow a beard for ten days.  Use natural origin oils for beard care. A beard is always associated with this kind of persona, and most women find men with beards instantly attractive. With this detail, you will be able to transmit signs of virility and maturity.

If you don’t enjoy letting your facial hair grow, consider creating a messier hairstyle and investing in thick fabric clothes, such as leather. Here, the use of boots , boots, bracelets and metal chains is also a good solution.

2. Good posture counts a lot

Initially, you can imagine that maintaining an aligned posture doesn’t mean much. But make no mistake: stooping can make a man look unattractive to many women . This is shown by a study carried out in 1997 at the University of California.

For the researchers, boys who remain with their spines positioned forward, and not properly raised, transmit weakness and insecurity. So if that is not the kind of impression you want to have on others, you should start by paying attention on how you walk or even sit, especially in public.

The recommendation is to always keep your chest pushed forward and your shoulders well positioned. Thus, in addition to avoiding a series of orthopedic problems, it will be possible to show confidence and attract the eyes of women.

3. Prioritizing a good night’s sleep is essential

Stop and think for a few minutes: probably most of the people you were interested in looked healthy. Right? Well, this is because, according to a report released by the Sleep Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, a large part of the population is attracted to individuals who sleep well.

We explain: by prioritizing sleep, our body has more time to regenerate cells, rest and, consequently, look healthier on a daily basis. Because of this, the best way out is to avoid spending many sleepless nights, especially if you are one of those guys who are addicted to video games or enjoy going out to the club a lot.

Instead, set aside some exclusive moments to rest and watch the magic happen!

4. Having scars can be beneficial

You know that scar from your childhood that bothers you so much? She can be a great ally when it comes to becoming an attractive man!

A survey conducted by the University of Stirling, in partnership with the University of Liverpool, found that small scars on the face are responsible for making a boy more charming in the eyes of women.

For a portion of the female audience, such brands represent experience, virility and courage. Instead of worrying about investing in aesthetic procedures to erase your scars, try to see them as something favorable. In the short term, you will see how well the effort is worth.

5. Having a life purpose is the secret to success

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just your physical appearance that makes you an attractive man. As a study in California and New Zealand points out, women are often interested in boys who have a purpose.

In other words, they are those people who don’t sit and “wait for life to pass”. They roll up their sleeves and do everything they can to get their plans off the paper.

Is it your life goal to have a lot of money at your disposal? So, work harder and harder for it. Now, if your goal is to help others, don’t waste time and use your days off to attend an asylum, orphanage or animal shelter.

Being a useful individual will count many points, both for women and for society. Think about it!

6. Expressing feelings is key

Also in the same study, it was found that women prefer men who are able to express their feelings easily. Typically, these guys are more self-assured, dependable, and down to earth.

And it doesn’t end there! Another interesting point is that individuals who take care of and treat the family well stand out among the female audience. Upon seeing a man being kind and grateful to his relatives, instantly, women come to believe that they will act the same way with them.

However, this does not mean that you should take forced or false actions. Regardless of any desire, the tip is to be natural and act on your feelings in the moment.

Say there, what did you think of our attractive man mini-guide? Do you believe that, after our tips, it will be easier to keep your look up to date and be successful among women? Take the test and then tell us the result.


 Author Bio: Julien Chbib

Julien is the founder of L’Élixir Cosmétiques, a Swiss brand producing cosmetics for men.

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