How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take

From losing a tooth due to an injury or a gum infection, there are plenty of reasons to get dental implants. It is a great way to replace your missing teeth and prevent bone loss.

But getting implants is not an in-and-out procedure. The time taken to complete the procedure can vary widely. Hence,  Dr. Ernesto Carmona, a prosthodontist who provides dental implants in Austin, Tx joined us to explain the procedure.

How Does Dental Implant Procedure work?

dental implant

To understand how long the procedure can take, you need to first understand all the steps involved. Implants are screw-like metal structures that are drilled into your jawbone.

They are used as a replacement for natural tooth roots and enable a dental crown to be fixed on top.

These implants are usually made of metals like titanium or zirconium. The dentists first administer anesthesia to numb the area. The surgical process starts by making an incision into the gums to place the implant inside. Once they are placed into the jawbone, the site is closed with stitches and the implant is allowed to fuse naturally with the bone before a dental crown can be placed on top.


How Long Will the Procedure Last?

Depending on the reason you had to get implants, the entire procedure can take several months to complete. Ideally, the procedure is divided into 2 steps/sittings.

During the first step, the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone. This can be done in under an hour. But before the implant can be fixed, you need to wait a few months after tooth extraction.

In cases of gum infection, this is essential to clear out infection from the site. If there isn’t enough bone structure to support the implant, a bone grafting surgery will have to be done first which adds another 4-6 weeks to the timeline.

A huge factor that determines how long the procedure will take is osseointegration. The process of osseointegration (fusing of bones) takes anywhere between 2-6 months to complete. Until this natural process is not completed, your dentist cannot move the second step of the procedure.

In some rare cases, the dental implant may also fail to fuse with the bone. So the dentist will remove the implant and allow the area to heal before performing any more surgeries.

Once the implant has fused well with the jawbone, the dentist will then place the dental crown on top of it and finish the process.

Usually, the dental implant procedure is completed within 4-6 months if there are no complications. This includes initial consultation as well.

Should You Go With Dental Implants?

Dental implants usually last an entire lifetime so it is worth the time and money spent. If you have lost your teeth and are looking to find a suitable replacement that allows you to eat and smile freely, dental implants are the way to go.

If you are looking for an affordable dentist in Austin, Txconsult Dr. Ernesto Carmona at Austin Prosthodontics. He uses high-quality material and provides great patient care too. To schedule an appointment with him right away to get the best dental implants in Austin.

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