Homebound Hangouts: The Ultimate List of Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Sometimes, staying in for a romantic date makes sense, but if this is your usual MO, ideas can run dry after a while. To keep things fresh and fun, you need to be more creative with your plans. Of course, that’s easier said than done, so to help inspire your next at-home affection-fest, bookmark this ultimate list of stay-at-home date ideas. 

Food Is The Language Of Love

homemade sushi

One of the best ways to break out of daily monotony is to cook for or with each other. Buy Pinot Noir wine online, then sip it together while you laugh, wind down, and get something delicious and messy whipped up in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you’re creating or tasting – this date is more about the quality time spent with each other. 

Underneath The Stars, Your Love Shines Brightest

Around 30 meteor showers happen every year that are visible to humans on Earth, and even without them streaking their rainbow fizz across the sky, the stars alone are a stunning vision. Grab hot chocolate and blankets and enjoy a date night in your garden on a clear night. 

Be In Another Place In The Same Place

Why not have a pizza in bed, listen to Italian music, and imagine you’re in Tuscany together in the warm evening sun? Build a blanket fort in the living room and pretend you’re in the wilderness with bears outside. Camp out in the yard and tell each other ghost stories, sharing s’mores and maybe a kiss or two. Indulge in escapism together in the playground of your imagination, without having to leave your front door. Your bond knows no limits when it’s grounded in a shared imaginative world. 

Shared Adventures Build Unbreakable Bonds

Shared experiences are incredibly important for bonding with a loved one. Shared experiences encourage us to think the same way and boost how much we value the other person. Why not have a date night where you agree to do something neither of you has done before? Make a terrarium, do a remote language class with a tutor, play a new game – it doesn’t matter what it is, just that it’s new to you both. 

This fun bonding experience could even become a new thing you both enjoy doing together long-term. Even if it ends up being a hideous memory you both laugh about for years to come, that’s perfect! There is no bad result. 

When The Rhythm Starts To Sway

Dancing together relieves stress and gives you both a mental break from everything in the outside world. Dancing can also make you feel more playful, so it’s the perfect match for a date night. Got neighbors? Have a silent disco instead! 

Where There Is Touch, There Is Tenderness

When we touch each other, oxytocin flows, slowing the heart rate, making us feel good, and helping us to bond with loved ones. Cuddling and sex throughout the week are all well and good, but the perfect date night at home means slowing down and showing your love with an intentional, affectionate, meaningful touch. 

Massaging each other, body painting, showering together, and washing each other – or a mix of all three – are just a few of the many things you can do to slow down and express how you feel. It doesn’t have to be sensual, but it should be fun and free from time limits. Let those endorphins flow and write a love letter to your beau through the tenderness of touch. 

It’s time to enjoy an enchanting evening with one of our at-home date night ideas – behind closed doors, incredible memories can and will be made. 

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