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13 Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Every Woman at 20s

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost;” an American evangelist Billy Graham said and “when character is lost, all is lost.”

Indeed health is a powerful factor towards greatness, and your character will determine whether you will be all or nothing. How you give importance to your health will help you cope with your physical, mental, social, and emotional issues.

Best tips to establish a healthy lifestyle

1. Make a to-do-list and organize your daily activities

Before you start your day, have it ready beforehand. Take note of your duties and responsibilities. What do you want to achieve? And how should you achieve it? What are the things you need to fulfill? By this, you will be able to do your thing smoothly and productively.

2. In your to-do-list, include your regular exercise or workout at least thrice a week

It is best to do your morning exercise before breakfast to burn fats more effectively and prepare your metabolism. This will help your body be active and strong during the day.

3. Feed yourself with good food

Before having your breakfast, drink at least two glasses of water for better digestion. Know what you need in your body versus what you want.

It is okay to consider yourself eating what you want but make sure it will not give you a problem in the future. Also, make a good and balanced diet. Mind what you feed yourself for your good.


4. Feed yourself with positive energy

You don’t want yourself to be filled with negativity, do you? Then feed your mind with a good book, movie, music, and the like. Pray, read at least one chapter a day, watch an hour-to-two video or a movie.

You may also engage with good ideas and music. Negativity will always hunt you but the things you allow yourself to be influenced with are your choice. 


5. Take time to relax and meditate

Allow yourself to refresh, you need it. Give yourself a time to enjoy what you want, or do the things that will take the stress away.

When you find yourself in pain or injured at times when you work overload, doing some chores, and more, worry not for there is a battery-operated device called tens machine that will help you relax your body.

6. Establish a good social life

They say no man is an island. That is true. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you cannot survive all by yourself. At times, you need a friend to carry you, you need parents to remind you, and you need someone to hold on to. Life is not only about you but also about others. If you want a healthy life, sometimes you need to get off your comfort zone and develop good relations with others.

7. Give room for financial security

You don’t need everything or many. You just need a few but of great value. Train yourself to save at least 10% of your money. It will help you in times when life gets hard.

8. Take time to learn and relearn

meditation book

“An investment in knowledge,” says Benjamin Franklin “pays the best interest.” That is, one of the ways to develop a healthy life is through self-education. Allow new learning and relearn, develop new skills and ideas, and do even great things. Make it a daily or weekly habit to learn new things such as unlocking jargons, sewing, gardening, or other things you think you need to learn and you can learn.

9. Practice proper hygiene

Hygiene is essential to you as a woman. How you take care of yourself or present yourself will leave a great impact on your life and to others. You don’t need to have those fancy skincare routines or a daily dose of thick makeups. You only need those that will make you look nice and clean.

10. Choose appropriate clothes to wear

Building a good reputation for you is also healthy for your mind and emotions. You have all the right to wear what you want but take note that not all are good for you. To be a woman of great power is to dress with decency.

11. Put up your goals and chase your dreams

Instead of chasing men or that so called love, why not build yourself for your goals? Help yourself to achieve your dreams and ambitions in life. 

12. Avoid bad addiction

Alcohol, drug, and other addiction such as watching pornographic videos, swearing, are not good for you. It will poison your mind and eventually will turn you into an unpleasing being. You have greater purpose than that. If you are already in it, it is not yet too late to make a change. Of course, that is for you to decide.

13. Invest wisely

Not all investments are good. Choose wisely to whom, to what, or to where will you exert your assets. Who will you allow to believe into? What things will you allow to influence you? Where will you let yourself be?


A fulfilling asset every woman could have at her 20s and beyond is self-empowerment – establishing her with a healthy life.  As a woman, you are supposed to live in modesty and grace. 

Take advantage of your 20s. Invest it wisely to things that will give you a beneficial return in the future. Do not take it for granted. Do what is healthy for you and you will thank yourself years from now.

Being healthy doesn’t only mean being physically fit, but also to develop power in all aspects of your life.

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