Best Healthy Food Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is one of the most important activities for any organization – no matter if it is a workplace, sporting club, school, or community organization. It is an integral part to raise funds for maintaining the organization or specific organizational activities. 

For example, if you are running a sports club, you will need funds for venue maintenance, uniforms, equipment, coaching fee, etc…. Your team would need fundraising for doing the sport. 

Besides, organising fundraising events together are also an important way to increase staff morale. 

Healthy food fundraising can return a good profit while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Many organizations have made success with these events. 

Why healthy fundraising? 

In recent years, people are becoming more proactive when it comes to health concerns. They try to maintain healthy lifestyles in every way. 

Many traditional food fundraisers offering frozen cookies, sugar coated donuts or candy bar sales are easy and come with high profits. However, they are obviously unhealthy and may come with health problems like obesity. 

Healthy food fundraisers, on the other hand, can be delicious while raising money in a healthy way. The healthy food options are getting more popular as you do not need to sacrifice your health to raise the fund. 

You can also consider mixing the food options with the reference from these amazing food fundraiser ideas that have been very successful. You will definitely find what best suits your fundraising event. 

Here we have listed some of the best healthy food fundraising options. Throughout this resource you will find more tips for making a profit. 

Making a profit with healthy fundraising ideas 

Fruit and vegetable 

Fruits and vegetables are very popular fundraising products, especially if the products selling are not readily available in your area. 

Most of us eat fruit everyday for a healthy diet. It has already become a daily grocery expense for many families. 

Besides, as everyone enjoys eating fruit, it can be a decent and enjoyable treat to your loved ones. Fruit baskets are usually excellent gifts for different occasions, be it business or casual situations. 

You can raise money while bringing your neighbors, friends and guests some delicious fruit. It lets you get the funds to achieve your goal in a healthy way. Be healthy and raise money with fresh fruit!

Except fruit baskets, you can also prepare some fruit snacks for everyone to enjoy different kinds of fruit in one pack:

Fruit Skewers 

Cut different kinds of fruit into pieces and thread them with wooden skewers. 

The fruit combinations like strawberries, pineapples, apples, watermelon, grapes, melon, etc., any of these are perfect.  

Fruit Popsicles

The fresh fruit popsicles are so delicious and perfect for summer! 

Cut your favorite fruit, for example watermelon and melon, into slices. Fill them with juice or milk into popsicle molds and freeze. 

Smoothies / Juices

Smoothies and juices are also nice health fundraising options for summer. It is very easy to make too. With any blenders you can make fresh smoothies in different flavors. 

You can set up a smoothie corner to sell welcome smoothies or juices to your guests in the food fundraising event.

To make it healthier, it’s a good idea to use soy or almond milk with less sugar. 

For drinks, herbal tea is also a good healthy choice for ladies as it would help for skin care too.

Healthy BBQ vegetables

You don’t need to be a regular barbecuer to know that many traditional barbecue foods aren’t really healthy at all – ribs, sausages, burgers, salty marinades and buttery garlic bread. These foods are delicious but obviously not a perfect companion for a healthy food fundraiser. 

So how about adding some healthier BBQ food? 

For meat, you may replace some of the fatty sausages with healthy meat like lean meats, skinless chicken, and kangaroo meat.

Of course, remember to put vegetables as much as possible. The grilled vegetables like eggplants, mushrooms, zucchinis, pumpkins, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, corn cobs, broccolis …. these are all delicious and healthy barbeque foods. 

While preparing a healthy barbeque fundraiser, remember to prepare enough plastic plates and napkins.

Healthy Bake Sale 

Bake sale has been a staple for many food fundraising events for a long time already. Chocolate cookies and brownies have historical successes, but we can also have some healthier options. 

Instead of traditional baking food like cookies, pies and other unhealthy treats, there are a lot of healthy baking ideas that can decrease calories, add fiber and more. 

Reduced fat ingredient

Use reduced fat cheese, milk and yogurt to replace the whole fat ones. It helps decrease the calories drastically without affecting the taste much.  

Go for wholemeal and grain for baking too.


Try to reduce the use of milk chocolate and replace it with fruit (fresh or dried). It can still be delicious while reducing fat and calories. Banana, blueberry, apple… are very good matches with muffins. 

Soup Fundraiser

Soup is getting popular for healthy food fundraisers because it is easy to handle. 

It can be prepared to a delicious treat easily at an inexpensive cost. You can make a huge pot of soup and share it with all of your guest at ease. 

To serve it in a healthier way, vegetable soups with wholemeal or grain bread will do the work perfectly. If you want creamy soups, remember to use reduced fat milk or cheese instead of whole fat ones. 

If you are looking for healthy soup ideas, pumpkin soup, minestrone soup, corn soup are some of the best choices for you.

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