Ways to Leverage Instagram as a Healthcare & Wellness Marketing Platform

Healthcare and wellness industries have been digitalized over the last few years. It makes sense for healthcare marketing to go digital and pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, doctors, clinics, and healthcare providers have strategically turned to Instagram and other popular social media platforms for boosting their online awareness and promoting their brands or businesses.  As per the stats provided by a study conducted by Pew Research, around 80% of the users on social media are interested in tracking health news and information. And almost 50 percent are looking for important information regarding a specific healthcare professional or a doctor.

As per Huffpost.com, there are countless influencers, therapists, artists, and others who are known to play a pivotal role in constantly maintaining a robust sense of community and consciously holding space for everybody to present them as they are and precisely where they are. A marketing campaign on Instagram or any other social networking site needs to be memorable, personal, and even relevant to the targeted audience for being successful. If your social media marketing strategy is not considering a versatile and powerful marketing platform like Instagram, your healthcare & wellness business is missing out a lot regarding engagement and conversions.

Remember Instagram Is Where the World Is

Several key aspects make Instagram a great social platform and the place to be whether you are a casual user or a brand marketing specialist. The foremost is the platform’s visual nature, which makes it approachable to a wide variety of users and allows them to remain interested despite scrolling past several pages of content. This fuels engagement; indeed, Instagram sees significantly higher engagement rates compared to Twitter and Facebook. It is a very personal platform, ideal for brands looking to develop a more grounded, humanized approach and foster personal relationships with prospective and existing customers. 

Instagram is overwhelmingly the platform of choice for the millennial market. It has a much younger average user age than its contemporary platforms, with 33% of its user base being in the 25-34 year range and a further 16% aged 35-44, prime for targeting in marketing and ad campaigns. The healthcare business has been prolonged to adapt to social media and the internet age and is widely considered to be stuck in the past. However, healthcare professionals increasingly see the value in exploring these platforms to spread awareness and attract new customers. It is a great time to be an early adopter in the healthcare world, and you should jump onto the Instagram bandwagon soon. If you buy 50 likes on Instagram from a reputed digital marketing company, you can broaden your audience.

Seek to Educate and Build a Reputation

The internet has brought a deluge of misinformation, especially when it comes to healthcare. Social media is a huge source of alternative medicine and conspiracy theories exploiting innocent users looking for answers. This is why the space is ripe for doctors and medical practitioners to create a strong, authoritative presence and provide solid medical advice while dispelling bad information. You would have to create high-quality content regularly and get the word out to build credibility. 

If you can maintain your reputation this way, you will find your business exposed to several prospective patients who will keep you in mind when they are in a health-related fix. Whether you are using paid advertising or attempting to build an organic following, strategy, consistency, and hard work are vital. Find a niche, keep posting authoritative content, and engage with users because followers do not easily convert into customers, especially in healthcare.

Use Instagram Ads to Catch the Attention of New Patients

Given the nature of social media, you are unlikely to get a significant response from potential patients with your posts in their Instagram feeds unless you have put in a sustained effort to build a substantially large follower base. On top of that, most of the followers viewing your posts will not necessarily be patients who require appointments in the near-term. 

While you go flat out to acquire the largest possible number of followers organically with high-quality, relevant, and engaging content, you can also take recourse to Instagram ads to address your target audience with a very high degree of accuracy. Just as on Facebook that owns it, you can use a large variety of filters like location, age, interests, and other demographics to target your ads to highly-qualified audiences to generate the maximum response.


Follow the above tips for a winning marketing strategy on Instagram for your healthcare and wellness business in 2021. Moreover, Instagram ads seem to be quite reasonably priced in comparison to several other platforms. Thus, Instagram is the perfect destination for indulging in social media marketing and advertising to boost your healthcare or wellness brand. With a slight persistence and a robust stratagem, you could attract a host of new patients and go on educating your community and patients through valuable information and relevant health-related messages. 

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