Health Guide: A Secret to Maintaining Your Overall Health

“The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.” said Harry J. Johnson.

Maintaining overall well-being gets difficult when you have a hectic schedule. This accelerating peer pressure may take you to the new heights of your profession but, at the same time, takes a toll on your health. 

What are the most common health issues encountered these days?

The struggle of balancing your personal and professional life leads to many health issues, including stress, depression, anxiety, back pain, poor body structure, insomnia, muscle pain, headache, and so on. 

What is the reason of your health issues?

The underlying reason for such health issues begins with long sitting jobs and obtaining the wrong body position. When not corrected, it can lead to many body issues. No wonder why physiotherapists recommend moving your body after every 30 minutes. 

So, how to deal with it?

The ultimate secret of dealing with such problems is a massage chair. Your hectic schedule may not allow you to step out to a nearby spa or body rejuvenation center. That’s why now you have the liberty to get a massage chair at your home. 

People often wonder if a massage chair can be of any help to their health or not. So, the answer is yes. A massage chair is not just a solution to body relaxation, but it also helps heal several other health issues. Check out the promising perks of having a massage chair at your home. 

Massage chair – One chair, many health benefits 

Having a massage chair at your home is beyond occasional muscle relaxation exercises. Many clinical studies have shown that frequent body massage sessions are likely to improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, manage hypertension, and fasten up the muscle recovery process effectively. ?

Such an impact is that many organizations conduct a massage session for their employees to help them soothe their tensed body muscles. And eventually, it reflects a positive impact on the mental state and work performance. 

Reasons for having a massage chair at your home

Benefit no. 1 – Improves post-workout muscle recovery

A massage chair offers an ultimate combination of massaging the deep tissues, heating the cycles, and positioning the zero-gravity points. All of these factors contribute towards restoring the body and keeping it in a fit state. It fastens the process of muscle recovery, especially after an aggressive workout session. 

Benefit no. 2 – Fights back insomnia

NCBI claims that more than 10 to 30% of the world’s population is suffering from insomnia. It is a common neurological disorder in adults, females, and mentally ill individuals. From a poor lifestyle to the never-ending influence of digital gadgets, many poor practices negatively impact the sleeping pattern. Plus, it ends up in constant fatigue as well. Here, soothing body massage works as a boon helping you overcome insomnia in minimal time; if you have constantly been struggling with insomnia and finding ways to sleep faster, consider having a good body massage session right before going to bed. 

Benefit no. 3 – Good treatment for lower back pain

Up to 75% of adults surf through lower back pain issues. The severity of the issue may vary, but the causes are similar. And that’s wrong body posture. Here, a thorough body massage can work as a boon to overcome back pain. Regular massage improves body mobility while helping you work on pain management at its best. 

Benefit no. 4 – Reduces stiff-neck issues 

Slight discomfort in the neck can lead to many health issues, including cervical pain and stiff neck. Here, massage chairs can ensure the best relief for your body, neck stiffness, and shoulders. It acts as a robust tool to work on relaxing the tensed muscles of the affected areas. Enjoying a session of up to 40 minutes is more than enough to soothe your muscles, increase body flexibility, and wind down the day-to-day stress. 

Benefit no. 5 – No more sore muscles

It’s common to experience sore muscles after a full-power exercising session, an aggressive game, or a long day at work. The increased body ache is the result of excessive accumulation of a substance in and around the muscle tissues. This substance is referred to as lactic acid. In this condition, softly massaging the affected areas can improve blood flow, ensure better oxygen in the body, and prevent lactic acid formation. Besides, the concept of hydromassage can also help you soothe the pain in your sore muscles. 

Benefit no. 6 – Waves off lymphatic system

Believe it or not, the lymphatic system is the pillar of your immune system. It totally depends on the vigorous movement to get rid of the free radicals or toxins developing in its nodes. A good massage does wonders to this lymphatic system while giving it enough space. 

Can I use a massage chair regularly?

However, there are no set rules for it, but you should limit the usage based on your health issues if any. Most physiotherapists recommend using a massage chair twice a day for around 15 to 20 minutes only. Releasing more than required pressure on the muscles can create trouble for muscle tissues. 

Is it wrong to sleep on a massage chair?

There is no harm in sleeping on a massage chair. Instead, it helps you enjoy a sound sleep or nap. 

Why get a massage chair at your home?

You can relish a quick rejuvenating session at your home anytime. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much money on body relaxation sessions at plush spas anymore. 

For how long the massage chairs last?

It depends on the brand and quality of the chair you purchased. However, an average massage chair can work effectively for 15 to 20 years at least. 

The bottom line is that

Improving your health comes with less effort and more smart thinking. For instance – a massage chair can help you eliminate many underlying health issues restricting your quality of life. 

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