Know More About Green Tea And Its Health Benefits

After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. About 70-80 percent of the world consumes black tea and just 20 percent consume green tea. But what is the difference between black tea and green tea? And is there any other kind of tea other than green and black tea?

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Different types of tea

What is Green Tea

A Chinese Emperor Shennong, who is considered as the Chinese father of agriculture is also famous to have discovered tea while meditating under the Camellia tree. While he was resting and meditating under the tree, he was boiling a bowl of water and a few leaves from the tree fell in the pot which made the water turn pale green. The aroma that came out from the pot compelled him to have it and he felt refreshed. This tea has high antioxidants in them and various health benefits. According to various medical researchers, consumption of green tea every day helps fight cancer, improves fat-burning mechanism for weight loss, etc.

Black Tea vs Green Tea

Black tea and Green tea are not that different. They come from the same plant called Camellia Senensis. During the production of the tea, to make black tea, it’s necessary to remove the leaves and place it in direct air to trigger the oxidation process. This process changes the color to dark brown and intensifies the flavor. This also has a lot of health benefits. See website for more.

White Tea vs Green Tea

This kind of tea also comes from the same plant as Black and Green, the Camellia Senensis. This tea is named White Tea or Silver Tips because of the fine white hair on the leaves. The buds and leaves of this plant are handpicked before they open completely. These tea leaves are the least processed and left under to air dry. The flavor and color of the White Tea are much subtler than Black and Green Tea.

Earl Grey

This kind of tea is flavored with bergamot oil which gives out a perfumed musk taste.

Masala Chai

This kind of tea is most popular in India. Made with spices like ginger, cardamom, cloves, which added to tea leaves infused in water. Later, milk and water is added. 

Matcha vs Green tea

Matcha is popular in Japan. This green tea comes as stone grounded powder. There’s a ceremony performed while making this green tea.


This is another Japanese kind of tea that is different from Matcha. Sencha tea is served as leaves and grown in the sunlight.

Oolong Tea vs Green tea

This tea comes from the same plant as the Green, Black and White tea. But White tea is fully oxidized but Oolong is semi-oxidized and then rolled to give it a shape. The flavor and color may vary. 

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

Green Tea is popular for having many health benefits. This tea is traditional used in Chinese and Indian medicine to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart and mental health, and regulate blood pressure. Green Tea can also have a potentially positive impact on weight loss to liver disorder. Even type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of Green Tea

  • It’s good to prevent cancer
  • It’s helps in lowering cholesterol 
  • Drinking green tea may help in reducing the risk of stroke
  • Helps in inflammatory skin disease such as psoriasis and dandruff. 
  • Green tea can enhance in the cognitive functioning of the brain particularly the working memory
  • Green Tea also helps in reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s. 
  • It also has antithyroid effect

Disadvantages of Green Tea

Not many know about the disadvantage of Green Tea. But there are a few complications that maybe occur after consumption of Green Tea: 

  • Sensitive to Caffeine- If it’s the first time you are trying out Caffeine or Tea, you should be aware about the effects of this on the body. You might have problem in sleeping or insomnia, anxiety, irritate mood, or upset stomach. 
  • Blood thinners- People who are on blood thinners need to avoid green tea which contain Vitamin K and aspirin, both of these reduce the clotting effectiveness of platelets. 
  • Green tea could increase blood pressure and Heart Rate. 

Loose Leaf or Teabag? 


Loose tea leaves need room to brew and give out it’s natural aroma, fragrance and flavour. This allows the water to flow through the leaves and extract vitamins, minerals, flavours, of the leaves. If it’s the teabag, then the leaves are limited to the area of the teabag and doesn’t give out much of the benefits of the tea. Filling loose leaf in a teabag won’t yield in giving out flavour of the tea. 

Teabags only have dust and fanning of tea, which is considered to be a low graded tea. Smaller leaves in a bag began to be introduced in the market which reduced the quality of tea. 

Maybe a larger teabag can improve the quality of tea? We can put loose tea leaves in a larger bag that has more space to expand and give us the best experience of the tea. Such teabags are available only in a high quality tea vendor. It’s not always possible to get it. 

Bottom Point 

The way you have tea is a personal choice. You may like tea with milk, or you may like tea with just hot water. But to learn facts about it and use accordingly would be a best choice. As there are many kinds of tea apart from green tea, you can satisfy your taste buds with different flavours and experience the goodness of it. 

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