How to Enjoy Green Living in Eco Resorts

Eco resorts are situated in places that concur with eco tourism. They encompass a very mellow and peaceful ambience clubbed with keeping their natural features intact.

The location is usually in close proximity with tourist attractions and allows complete privacy. It is an ideal accommodation for families or individuals looking for a recess. Eco resorts mostly revolve around principles of sustainability. 

Their ideology places massive stress on curating properties that ensure minimal environmental footprint. They indulge in green living. 


To start with, the generic reason would be to escape the woes of a city life and reconnect with your family and friends. Their soothing appeal is highly palpable. Below is a list of the many other reasons:

1) With advocating and executing organic elements, these places are sustainable. They solely rely on the usage of organic cotton sheets, towels and mattresses. Cleaning agents that are used are mostly non-toxic. 

2) They promote a no-smoking environment. 

3 Reliance on solar and wind energy for electricity and other power needs. 

4) Heftier packaging for toiletries because the usage and scrapping of multiple containers adds to wastage made. 

5) The guests can request the housekeeping to withhold changing the barely used items. 

6) Usage of non-disposal dishes. 

7) The in house mode of conveyance is used, being green vehicles. 

8) Recycling water that has previously been used in the kitchen,laundry or bath to nourish gardens and landscaping. 

The concept of eco-resorts is wholly resplendent. Taking a holiday that helps recuperate you and does not sabotage the environment at the same time.

Even with their fundamentals these places are bewitching. Their architecture is atypical and premeditated. They are usually excluded from noisy and polluted settings. Unique in its own way and still very sustainable. 


Before planning a stay at a place, it is only fair to catch on the facilities you can avail. Let us talk about a few features you expect on your visit:

1) Gym, Meditation and yoga : We could argue that is a run-off-the-mill amenity. But usually, they also assign instructors who help you in the process. They assist you in joint sessions and in upskilling breathing practices. Meditation is not something that people are typically aware of. Being on a holiday to relieve stress adjoined by meditation can bring about galvanizing changes. 

2) Spas : You will find various massage and spa centres here. Supervised by experts, they help you decompress and melt away those worries. They extensively used herbal oils and refrain from usage of chemically induced products.

The other facilities provided are more or less in sync with a generic hotel. What differentiates eco resorts is their rampant focus on sustainability and helping people completely engage in picturesque views.  


You must be certain of the place before making a booking. Usually eco resorts are certified by a third party, validating their authenticity. It would be grossly unjust if you are caught by surprise. Try to read reviews online or, ask around if your acquaintances have heard of the place. It is always advisable to be wary in such cases. Especially so, because this concept is still very new. 

Not many people are too aware of this concept and it is still very preliminary. 


Being a state-of-art establishment, these places are still newcomers. People may have their reservations about staying here because of their meticulous guidelines. But sharing your individual experiences may benefit others. 

With the rise of eco-friendly products, it is absolutely exhilarating to see their acclimatization in the travel industry. Hotels that operate on customary basis, yield excessive waste. This is usually not renewable. 

Optimistically, these adjustments will bring about a desired change. 


The waste disposal made by hotels is cosmically high. These are hazardous materials. The quantities rally upto figures like 289,700 tonnes annually. Having said that, it is a huge number that needs to be dismantled. On the other hand, green hotels do not come with these concerns. 

They are far more pragmatic and regulated. The numbers are diminished at green hotels because they regulate the size of their portions, making sure there is less wastage of food. Even in terms of packaging, they use a more quick-witted approach. In contrast to hotels who believe in imparting galores of toiletries without any forethought. 

The industries are doing their parts and so must we. They come up with these solutions but we really need to uplift them. And also remember that holidaying at green hotels is far more serene. It sanctions grandeur, letting you marinate in a peaceful space.

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