12 Foods Can Strength Your Teeth and Gums

Our oral health depends a lot on the type of foods we eat. If you have a balanced diet, your teeth and gums become stronger naturally; And If you are mistaken with the foods or choose bad foods, it will have a bad effect on our oral health such as  soft teeth, translucent teeth, black gums. etc,.

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How to strengthen teeth and gums? Enough vitamins!

Our teeth and gums need nutrients, minerals and care quite like the same way as other body parts do. It’s therefore important to rely on food rich in calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, antioxidants and water. With such food types, it will always be easy to keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible. 

Here are some foods that will help your to strengthen teeth and gum health: 



Cheese is a good choice for your oral health as it’s not only rich in calcium but also helps lower the acid level in the mouth. More so, when we chew on hard cheese, it will help increase saliva production in the mouth, which will wash away food debris, plaque and bacteria stuck between the teeth. 



Milk is one of the best drinks for your teeth and gums. Since it is rich in calcium and other vital nutrients and elements, you can always consume it without any worry and keep your oral health in the best shape possible. More so, milk is good against fighting tooth decay as it helps low the acid levels in the mouth. 



Drinking seven to nine glasses of water daily can work wonders for your oral health. It’s the best and safest beverage for your teeth and gums because not only it helps neutralize the acids in the mouth but also increase saliva production. And when more saliva is produced in your mouth, there will always be great protection against tooth decay, plaque, bacteria and germs. 

Leafy greens

Leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli and kale are always great for your oral health for their richness in minerals. They pack in calcium, folic acid and vitamins & minerals in good amounts. All the ingredients present in leafy greens are something your teeth and gums would definitely love. 

Fish & meat  


It is good that your diet includes fish and meat as they are actually good for your oral health. Fishes like tuna, wild salmon and fatty fishes are rich in minerals and key vitamins like Vitamin D, so they are always great for your teeth. Similarly, red and organ meats too contain all the minerals and nutrients that your teeth and gums benefit from. 

Black and Green Tea


Drinking black and green tea could actually help your teeth and gums. This is due to the presence of polyphenols and fluoride, where the former helps reduce bacteria and toxic products in the mouth while the latter strengthens the teeth. But yes, you should drink the tea unsweetened to prevent harm from sugar.  


Nuts packs in calcium and phosphorus in good amounts and both the nutrients are great for your teeth. More so, eating almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts regularly means you will be able to fight off bacteria and keep the risk of tooth decay to lower levels. 


Not all citrus fruits are bad for your teeth and gums and oranges are a classic example. They are among the least acidic of citrus fruits and also pack virtually all key nutrients, including Vitamin C, which are essential for healthy teeth and strong gums. 


Is it true certain FOODS can make you have ACNE?

Consuming yogurt on a regular basis can keep you protected against the risks of cavities and gum diseases. In fact, those who eat it also stay away from the problem of bad breath. All the oral health benefits of yogurt are due to the presence of calcium and probiotics.   



Munching on fresh and raw carrots can do magic for your teeth for sure. They are not only crunchy but also have fibre and tons of water and minerals and vitamins that can keep your dental health in the best shape possible.  


An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but can also keep the dentist away. Apples not only benefit from the presence of key nutrients and vitamins but its fibrous nature and crunchiness are also good for both your teeth and gums alike.  


Is it true certain FOODS can make you have ACNE?

Garlic has strong anti-microbial properties due to the presence of allicin. Consuming it in raw form can keep away the risks of periodontal disease and tooth decay. That’s why foods across cultures have garlic as a key ingredient.   


Onions are known for their powerful antibacterial properties. Eating them raw can keep you protected from harmful bacteria responsible for causing cavities and gum diseases. You can also consult best dentist Greenpoint and be sure about the benefits of these foods for your oral health. 

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